5 Must-Haves for a Spa-Like Bathroom


Wouldn't it be nice to be able to get away and treat ourselves to a spa day, like every day of the week?  Well, if that dream is a bit out of your reach for financial or practical reasons, there are a few things you can do to your current bathroom to give it that spa feel. Most Los Angeles remodeling contractors will tell you the same thing, creating a spa bathroom of your dreams are practical and more affordable than daily trips to the local spa. la canada master bathroom logo

Modern design and technology makes getting your own spa bathroom very possible. Here are the basic must haves in order to really have the spa bathroom you desire.

1. Extra-large soaking tub.

Many tubs are made deeper than previous models for prolonged soaking and resting. If this idea catches your attention, consider adding a stylish grab bar preventing unnecessary slips when entering or exiting. Along with these separate soaking tubs comes a growing request for shelves and spaces to place candles, decorative plants and handy baskets of towels and pampering lotions. Incorporating a TV in the bathroom for viewing from the tub is another amenity that is well liked and asked for more and more.

2. Steam room and Luxury Shower.

No more quick showers with this spa-like feature in your master bath.  With added space and multiple shower heads and built in bench, this becomes the ultimate way to pamper you.  Also, adding in glass panels and doors will help create an open and more spacious feel to the space.

3. Entertainment system with TV.

With the other features of your spa-like bathroom, it is obvious that you will be spending more time in the space.  Adding flat screen TVs and stereos in bathrooms is becoming more and more popular as homeowners are creating their ultimate oasis to soak away the day.  We’ve even seen small refrigeration units installed to have cold beverages readily available!

4. The right color!

Spas use neutral shades to keep the feeling of the room peaceful and relaxing. When introducing new colors, stick to neutral and earthy tones. Try using whites and light blue shades for a modern feel and light greens and wood for an earthier vibe.

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5. Heated floors and a heated towel rack.

Every spa has those warm, cozy robes and towels – why not mock the idea and have a heated towel rack installed so that you never have to endure a cold towel again. And why go through the inconvenience of stepping onto cold bathroom tile floors when you can have heated floors?  Not only do they welcome bare feet but they make it easy to step out of the shower without getting chilled after you relaxed.