Marble Bathroom Design Inspiration

Marble is a royal material; it’s refined and gives your bathroom a luxurious feel. The material is durable and will last a lifetime when installed and cared for properly. Yes, Marble is expensive, due to the fact that it is mined from metamorphic rocks and goes through a complicated processing before it can reach your bathroom. Just take a look at the beauty marble can add to your bathroom. marble bathroom


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You may be asking yourself if the investment in marble is worth the return. The answer is yes. You can dramatically increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars due to its perceived value. Pro Tip: Make sure you have an experienced professional install the marble

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Now that you are keen to the idea of using marble in your bathroom remodel we can go through the nitty gritty design details. There are several types and shades of marble, not to mention it combines with wood and stone well. Thanks to its veined texture and crystal composition marble is highly valued as a decorative stone. There are various types of marble that are found worldwide and not only in white and gray but also black, violet, green, yellow, red, pink, blue and purple colors.One of our favorite types to work is Carrara Marble.

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It makes for great decorative wall and floor finish if you are looking to use the marble extensively. Depending on your needs and taste, you can use marble sparsely as it can be mixed with other tiles to create a beautiful shower stall.

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