Avoid a bathroom remodel from Hell


So you’ve been thinking about a bathroom remodel but you don’t really have a clear picture of what you want your updated bathroom to look like. Or maybe you’re leaning more towards a retro style remodel while your partner would prefer a more modern bathroom remodel. If you are in need of some bathroom inspiration it might be a good idea to look up a Los Angeles remodel firm to help point you in the right direction. You can break down your bathroom remodel into a few categories: flooring, shower and bathtubs, sinks and cabinets and lighting, vanity and mirrors.  


The size of your bathroom is going to be the main determinant in how you handle this part of your bathroom remodel. Do you already have a tub/shower combo? Shower only? Or separate shower and bathtub? If you have the space expanding your glass stand alone shower (even if it’s only a few inches) can make you bathroom feel much more modern. Taller shower glass without those dated gold, chrome or black shower rails are at the top of many bathroom inspiration boards. Regular clear glass is also recommended versus opaque glass to give your shower space a clean finish.

If you’re working with a shower/tub combination and don’t want to replace the tub the best way to update you shower is with a new backsplash and updated hardware. Plank and subway tiles come in an array of different colors and make for beautiful shower backsplashes. Make sure that your backsplash isn’t identical to the flooring you choose; you want a slight contract between the two. If you’ve decided to go with a Los Angeles remodel firm they will be able to help you choose a backsplash and flooring combination that compliment each other.


Depending on where your bathroom inspiration has taken you, you may or may not choose to update your floors. When it comes to bathroom flooring carpet isn’t going to be the number one recommendation; it can make your bathroom feel dated and there is always a possibility that mold can pop up if you aren’t careful. Waterproof vinyl plank flooring is a perfect update to carpet or old school linoleum flooring. This type of flooring comes in an array of colors so you will be able to get exactly what you want for your bathroom remodel. Another flooring option that looks great in any bathroom is wide plank tile which is also available in many different colors. You can pick up color and texture samples at your local home improvement store. If you choose to go with a Los Angeles remodel firm they may also be able to provide you with a book of samples.


An updated sink goes a LONG way. Switching from the traditional round and oval sink types will make your bathroom feel completely different. Choosing a new sink for a bathroom remodel is a must; raised ceramic and glass bowls can give your bathroom a modern Tuscan vibe. These sinks come in many different colors to match your bathroom remodel color scheme. If you don’t want to go for the raised bowl you can change up your boring oval sinks with a square or rectangular sink bowl. This might fit in better with the bathroom inspiration you’re going for.


The last item on the list will vary greatly from person to person. You may or may not want to update your mirror but if you are looking for a dramatic overhaul with your bathroom remodel consider changing the shape and size of your mirror. Change your rectangular mirror to a circle or oval mirror and vice versa. This goes the same for vanities; you can choose different shape vanities depending on your style and preferences.

Updating your lighting is also recommended for both a full and partial bathroom remodel. If you are changing the hardware of your sinks and showers you may want to update your lighting fixtures to match. Matching doesn’t necessarily mean color; you can choose to fixtures that might not be the same color but they flow with the theme of your bathroom. If your bathroom inspiration has lead you towards a sleek modern look there are plenty of gorgeous minimalist fixtures you can add to your bathroom. If Tuscan is more your style choose deep bronze fixtures with antique style lamps.

Still not sure how to make the pages of bathroom inspiration you’ve been scoping out online into a reality? Choose a Los Angeles remodel firm to help make those ideas into a reality! There are so many different avenues you can choose for your bathroom remodel; why not get a professional to help you reach your bathroom inspiration goals?

Staff Writer - Jenica Cain