Trending Bedroom Remodel Inspiration


Trending Bedroom Remodel Inspiration What do you think of when you think of your bedroom? Is it simply somewhere to sleep and store your clothes? Are you surrounded by four boring walls that haven’t changed since you moved in!?

How about your sanctuary, your happy place...that place you can’t wait to get home to at the end of a long day. If your bedroom doesn’t inspire the latter, you might be past due for a bedroom remodel. There are many different interior design themes you can choose from that will transform any lackluster space into a beautiful room that you can’t wait to get home to!




A contemporary bedroom remodel will fit into almost any home. For a contemporary interior design theme, choosing light greys and neutral paint colors will make you new space pleasant and relaxing. When shopping for bedroom furniture you can stick with neutrals, or go bold with a few dark pieces when picking out your headboard and nightstands for a little contrast between your walls.  Lighting is another key factor when considering a contemporary bedroom remodel; make sure to add a mixture of soft and bright lighting. You can also opt for dimmers so that you can control the lighting depending on your mood. Remember the contemporary design is all about tranquility and simplicity.




If you’d prefer more of a luxury remodel, consider a romantic interior design theme. For this bedroom remodel you are going to want to choose darker colors for your accent walls. Going with a shade of dark purple, red or black for your accent wall against a lighter grey will add a glamorous contrast to your bedroom remodel. Darker furniture is also recommended for this type of bedroom remodel, but you can always switch is up with a few light pieces. When it comes to lighting, nothing says luxury remodel like a chandelier over the foot of your bed. Dimmers with soft lighting are also a great touch to the lighting of your romantic interiors. For your pillows and duvet, mixing whites with darks adds a little dimension versus going with all darks. Choose a white duvet and add a few deep purple or red throw pillows and an accent blanket for a luxurious vibe.




For the modern interior design remodel, focus on minimalistic everything. Low minimalist design beds with shorter headboards should be the focal point of any modern bedroom remodel. For this bedroom remodel design, you can be pretty flexible with your paint colors; modern bedrooms look great in light neutrals and dark colors. You can also get creative with your accent walls and choose to add wood or vinyl paneling in light greys, tans or even white. For those seeking more of a luxury remodel within the modern theme, try adding plush wall panels to your accent wall for a unique touch of glam.


There are countless options when it comes to your bedroom remodel. If you’re not sure where to start, consider getting in touch with a Los Angeles remodel firm to help you with your project. Your bedroom should be your very own private retreat. Get informed on all of your options before you start your bedroom remodel and be confident that you’re going to love the final product!


Technology Forward Remodels for 2018


Technology Forward Remodels Smart.

It’s the latest word used to describe the advancements made in modern technology that we use every day. Our smart phones have become an extension of ourselves, containing vital personal and business information. Our cars also contain smart technologies that we use to enhance our driving experience on a day to day basis. Collision prevention systems and blind spot monitoring are just a few of the smart features that add comfort and convenience to modern cars. But what about our homes? Smart home technologies should be at the top of your list when it comes to a home remodel. The added comfort and convenience and the ability to blend in with your interior design make these remodel upgrades a must for your home.

Remote and Wi-Fi Controlled Devices

Ever leave your home and halfway through your drive forget if you closed the garage door? What about the lights? Or the thermostat? When thinking about your home remodel consider adding remote and Wi-Fi controlled smart devices to your lights, thermostat, garage door opener and even your watering system. These smart remodel features can typically be controlled from your smart phone, tablet or anywhere you can log on to the internet.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are a remodel upgrade that can offer you piece of mind and security. Whether or not you choose to link your security cameras to a 911 service, you can monitor your home from your smart phone or any device with internet access. Gone are the days of obnoxious, unsightly cameras; many companies offer tiny cameras or cameras that blend in with your existing home décor.


Adding solar to your home has been one of the biggest trends in the industry. This home remodel addition will cut your electric bills down to practically nothing and add value to your home. There are various programs available that enable you to roll the costs associated with installing solar into your property taxes over a specified span of time. This enables you to reap the benefits of adding solar now without breaking the bank.


Adding speakers and televisions to different areas of your house that blend in with your home décor are an innovative way to add technology during your home remodel. Decorative speakers can be added to both exterior and interior spaces of your home. Advances in televisions include extremely thin designs that are easy to fit into hollowed out spaces creating a seamless look above your indoor or outdoor fireplaces. You can pair your entertainment systems with devices such as Amazon’s Alexa to easily control what you want to see and hear throughout your house with voice commands.

Water Leak & Mold Sensors

The latest smart technology trends can also address issues that occur inside the structure of your home. Installing water leak and mold sensors in your home could potentially save you thousands of dollars in repair costs. These devices can detect leaks while monitoring temperature and humidity changes throughout your house. These systems send the data reports directly to your email or smart phone.

These are just a handful of the smart technologies that you can include into your home remodel. Taking advantage of these modern conveniences will add comfort, safety, and value without clashing with the interior design of your home.



Bathroom Flooring trends you MUST know about!


Bathroom Flooring trends you MUST know about!  

Considering a bathroom remodel? Why not start from the ground up and choose your bathroom flooring first? Long gone are the days of your grandmother's unsightly linoleum bathroom floors. The latest bathroom inspiration trends include sleek cement tile floors, vinyl plank flooring and wood-grain ceramic tile flooring. The best thing about these types of flooring is that they come in array of different shapes, sizes, textures and colors.


With so many options to choose from you might want to enlist the help of a Los Angeles remodel firm to point you in the right direction. In the meantime, check out a few of these bathroom flooring trends that are sure to kick off your bathroom remodel in the right direction.


Vinyl Plank Flooring


For the budget conscious homeowner, consider vinyl plank flooring for your bathroom remodel. For a fraction of the price that you would spend on stone or ceramic tiles, you can have an equally beautiful bathroom floor without sacrificing quality. This type of bathroom flooring is waterproof and can be laid right over your existing flooring. If you’ve chosen to go with a Los Angeles remodel firm, they will be able to help you choose the best method of installation for your new bathroom flooring. Another huge plus for vinyl plank flooring is that it comes in virtually any color, ranging from dark espressos to light greys and tans.


Cement Tile Floors


Cement tile floors make for a stunning addition to any bathroom remodel. They come in a variety of colors and patterns that allow you to get creative with your bathroom flooring. Cement tile floors look great in almost any bathroom remodel design theme including modern, retro and Spanish style bathroom themes. This type of bathroom flooring is very durable, and it isn’t uncommon to see original cement tile floors in houses 100+ years old! However, if you want to get this type of longevity out of your new bathroom flooring it is highly recommended that you go with a Los Angeles remodel firm. This is one part of your bathroom remodel you won’t want to skimp out on! Considering the amount of traffic the bathroom floor gets every is 100% worth investing in a professional installation.


Wood-Grain Ceramic Tile


Love the look of hardwood floors but can’t see the material being the best fit for a bathroom? Why not choose a wood-grain ceramic tile? You will get the beauty and texture of real hardwood floors with added durability (great for those occasional water spills!). Wood-grain ceramic tiles come in a multitude of different colors and textures that will mesh perfectly with the rest of your bathroom remodel. For a unique look, choose to have these tiles installed in a chevron or herringbone pattern. A Los Angeles remodel firm will be able to help you pick out a pattern for your tile installation.


Still not sure what type of bathroom flooring would be the best fit for your remodel? Get in touch with a Los Angeles remodel firm and let the professionals handle the design and installation work for you.

How to start the remodel process


You’ve finally closed on your dream home, but there might be a few things you have in mind that would make your new home a little dreamier. A bathroom remodel might be just the thing to add your own special touch to your new home. Or maybe you’ve been in your home for years and love it but you’re itching for a change. Should you go with a whole home remodel or simply an interior design facelift? There are so many options when it comes to your home and for those of us who aren’t professionals this can seem like an overwhelming task. You may want to get in touch with a Los Angeles remodel firm to help you get started.  Ask yourself some important question and create a plan for your home remodel. This will help set you on the right track, making the home remodel process a little less hectic.

  1.  What is important to you?

First question you should ask yourself, what is important to me and my family? Love to cook? How about a kitchen remodel? Are you tired of your guests seeing that 70’s lime green tile in you bathroom? Maybe it’s time for a bathroom remodel. Thinking about what is most important to you and your family will help ensure that you are satisfied with your home remodel when it is finished.

  1. Budget?

Next big ticket item, budget! This will be your starting point so you’re going to want to figure out your budget early on. It will make the difference between a whole house remodel and something a little more cost friendly such as a few interior design changes. Where will the money be coming from? Will you be taking equity out of your home for your Los Angeles home remodel? Or do you plan on picking the project and pushing your home remodel out to a later date so that you can budget it into your finances? Whichever route you choose, getting your budget squared away from the start is a must! Having a budget in place will help you avoid any unwanted surprises midway through your project.

  1. Find a Contractor.

This might be the single most important factor for your home remodel, finding the right contractor. If you’re lucky, a friend or family member will be able to recommend a contractor that they’ve worked with in the past on a home remodel. If you don’t know anyone who has used a contractor recently for their Los Angeles remodel you can utilize search engines and social network sites such as Yelp and Home Advisor to check reviews for various contractors in the area. Always make sure to verify that the contractor you go with for your home remodel is licensed and bonded; you don’t want to end up with someone that could end up doing damage to your home under the disguise of a cheap price. The saying you get what you pay for definitely holds true when it comes to a home remodel.

  1. What is going to add the most value to your home?

Although you want to upgrade what is the most important to you, it’s also important to think about the future and what type of home remodel is going to add the most value to your home. Obviously some areas of the house will hold more weight when it comes to adding value to your home. A kitchen remodel can add tremendous value to your home especially if your current kitchen looks like it belongs in another decade. Other parts of a home remodel such as adding new energy efficient windows will increase the value of your home while decreasing your heating and cooling bills for many years to come. Updating your central air unit and other old household appliances to new energy efficient models can also help you save thousands on your utility bills.

  1. Research, research, research.

When it comes to your home remodel you can NEVER do enough research. Do you have a neighbor or family member who just completed a bathroom remodel? Make sure to pick their brain on what they did and remember to ask if there was anything they wish they would have known before starting the remodel process. Search engines are also a great tool to utilize while gathering research for your home remodel. There are countless forums available where people who are going through the process or have already completed their home remodel will post and answer questions. The more research you do the less likely you are to run into any surprises. However, things can happen! Be prepared to handle whatever comes your way by being proactive about doing your research.

At the end of the day remember to have fun with your home remodel. It doesn’t have to be a painstaking process and once the sound of hammers is gone and the dust has settled you can sit and relish in the results of everything you’ve been planned for. Enjoy!


Staff Writer - Jenica Cain

Avoid a bathroom remodel from Hell


So you’ve been thinking about a bathroom remodel but you don’t really have a clear picture of what you want your updated bathroom to look like. Or maybe you’re leaning more towards a retro style remodel while your partner would prefer a more modern bathroom remodel. If you are in need of some bathroom inspiration it might be a good idea to look up a Los Angeles remodel firm to help point you in the right direction. You can break down your bathroom remodel into a few categories: flooring, shower and bathtubs, sinks and cabinets and lighting, vanity and mirrors.  


The size of your bathroom is going to be the main determinant in how you handle this part of your bathroom remodel. Do you already have a tub/shower combo? Shower only? Or separate shower and bathtub? If you have the space expanding your glass stand alone shower (even if it’s only a few inches) can make you bathroom feel much more modern. Taller shower glass without those dated gold, chrome or black shower rails are at the top of many bathroom inspiration boards. Regular clear glass is also recommended versus opaque glass to give your shower space a clean finish.

If you’re working with a shower/tub combination and don’t want to replace the tub the best way to update you shower is with a new backsplash and updated hardware. Plank and subway tiles come in an array of different colors and make for beautiful shower backsplashes. Make sure that your backsplash isn’t identical to the flooring you choose; you want a slight contract between the two. If you’ve decided to go with a Los Angeles remodel firm they will be able to help you choose a backsplash and flooring combination that compliment each other.


Depending on where your bathroom inspiration has taken you, you may or may not choose to update your floors. When it comes to bathroom flooring carpet isn’t going to be the number one recommendation; it can make your bathroom feel dated and there is always a possibility that mold can pop up if you aren’t careful. Waterproof vinyl plank flooring is a perfect update to carpet or old school linoleum flooring. This type of flooring comes in an array of colors so you will be able to get exactly what you want for your bathroom remodel. Another flooring option that looks great in any bathroom is wide plank tile which is also available in many different colors. You can pick up color and texture samples at your local home improvement store. If you choose to go with a Los Angeles remodel firm they may also be able to provide you with a book of samples.


An updated sink goes a LONG way. Switching from the traditional round and oval sink types will make your bathroom feel completely different. Choosing a new sink for a bathroom remodel is a must; raised ceramic and glass bowls can give your bathroom a modern Tuscan vibe. These sinks come in many different colors to match your bathroom remodel color scheme. If you don’t want to go for the raised bowl you can change up your boring oval sinks with a square or rectangular sink bowl. This might fit in better with the bathroom inspiration you’re going for.


The last item on the list will vary greatly from person to person. You may or may not want to update your mirror but if you are looking for a dramatic overhaul with your bathroom remodel consider changing the shape and size of your mirror. Change your rectangular mirror to a circle or oval mirror and vice versa. This goes the same for vanities; you can choose different shape vanities depending on your style and preferences.

Updating your lighting is also recommended for both a full and partial bathroom remodel. If you are changing the hardware of your sinks and showers you may want to update your lighting fixtures to match. Matching doesn’t necessarily mean color; you can choose to fixtures that might not be the same color but they flow with the theme of your bathroom. If your bathroom inspiration has lead you towards a sleek modern look there are plenty of gorgeous minimalist fixtures you can add to your bathroom. If Tuscan is more your style choose deep bronze fixtures with antique style lamps.

Still not sure how to make the pages of bathroom inspiration you’ve been scoping out online into a reality? Choose a Los Angeles remodel firm to help make those ideas into a reality! There are so many different avenues you can choose for your bathroom remodel; why not get a professional to help you reach your bathroom inspiration goals?

Staff Writer - Jenica Cain

Love your home again - even on a budget!


Love your home again - even on a budget! It’s been a few year since you’ve moved into your home; you’re Pinterest page is full of glamorously dreamy homes that make your own interior feel a little lackluster. You would love to revamp your home with a remodel but it really isn’t in the budget at the moment. However, some interior design updates and a few home décor changes are all you need to give your home the feel of a full remodel. The best thing about these interior design updates is that you don’t need to spend thousands in order to create a beautiful space that you’ll love coming home to everyday.


One of the easiest ways to dramatically change the look of your home is with a fresh coat of paint. New paint can give your home the fresh look of a whole home remodel without breaking the bank. The best thing about paint is that you can DIY if you want to keep your budget to a minimum. You also don’t need to completely repaint your entire house to spice up your home décor. Simply add a few accent walls for a fresh interior design update.

Curtains & Window Coverings

Switching up your window coverings will definitely have your guests taking a double take the next time they enter your home. Switching from curtains to blinds or vice versa will completely change the look of your interior design. If you don’t want a change that dramatic, changing the color scheme or pattern of your curtains will help give your house that fresh remodel vibe.


Not everyone has the budget for a complete floor overhaul. Rugs are a budget friendly interior design go-to for floors at a fraction of the cost it would take to re-carpet or tile your home. Another huge plus about rugs is that you instantly get to see your interior design change.  All you have to do is drive to your favorite home décor store and haul your new rugs home. No waiting days for tile to be installed or hard wood to be put together. You can add accent rugs and rug runners to your hallways easily and instantly to help transform your home décor.

Art & Wall Hangings

Another interior design must that people often overlook when they remodel their homes are wall hangings and artwork. It is possible to purchase quality artwork that will completely update the feel of your home décor on a budget; you just have to know where to look! Estate sales are a great place to look when you are working with a budget. With a little luck you should be able to come up on a few pieces of a collection at these estate sales. Matching artwork will give your home décor a professional look at a fraction of the price. If you find a few pieces that you like but the frames don’t match your interior design theme you can easily pick up some new matching frames that will go with the rest of your home décor.

Miscellaneous Additions

There are a few other inexpensive items that will change the look of your home décor. You can find new comforter/sheet sets for your bedrooms and towels for your bathrooms at highly discounted rates online at bulk discount vendors like Overstock and Wayfair. You can also add new throw pillows to your beds and couches to match your new interior décor. Plants are a nice addition to your bathrooms, living room and family room spaces. You can choose either fake or live plants or a combination of both. Don’t forget to take into consideration that fake plants are better suited for bathrooms without windows or spaces that don’t receive much natural light. You can also hit up your local discount stores for various items such as vases, centerpieces and other odds and ends to add the finishing touches to your home décor.

Now sit back and enjoy your beautifully updated home and celebrate the fact that you didn’t have to break the bank for it!

Staff Writer - Jenica Cain

Exterior Design Ideas: How to Update Your Home on a Budget


Exterior Design Ideas: How to Update Your Home on a Budget With simple changes and a little work, the outdoors can become a new area in which you can enjoy the lovely summer season. From fire pits and water fountains to backyard BBQs and landscaping, there are many ways to update your home for outdoor enjoyment. Read on to see how you can update the exterior on a budget.

Fire Pit

One of the most popular ways to add an outdoor feature to the home today is with a fire pit. A fire pit adds character as well as an area where you can relax and unwind at the end of the day. Fire pits can be created with materials such as stones and pavers or already constructed from iron material. Take a look at your backyard and see how you might could integrate a fire pit into your landscaping. Perhaps you have a small space where a paver patio could be created with a fire pit at the center. Consult with a Los Angeles remodeling contractor to find out how you can add a fire pit to your home.


Is the exterior of your home looking a little rough? Is landscaping lacking in appeal or greenery? Sometimes adding a little mulch and greenery to the space will help the exterior of your home looks it’s very best once again. Stand in front of your home and take a look at what could be changed. Sometimes, just cutting back bushes and planting a few flowers makes the front of your home look so much better. Think of small changes you could make that will breathe new life into the first impression of your home.

Adding a Water Feature

Another great way to create a relaxing space within your exterior is to add a water feature. This could be as small as a water fountain or a big as a swimming pool. All will be dependent on how much room you have to make any changes. Add a water fountain the front of your home for curb appeal. Add a swimming pool to the backyard for fun in the summer time along with creating a gathering spot for family and friends.

Adding a swimming pool is not so budget-friendly but a great option if you have the space and the money to do so. Consulting with a Los Angeles remodeling contractor will help you to see just how much such a job would require as well as timeline for completion. Once you see the total cost for such a project, you might find that it is something you can afford and wish to see added to your home.

Overall, you will find there are many ways in which you can update the exterior of the home to meet your backyard needs. Do a little sprucing up on your home or hire the professionals to handle big projects that will completely change the look and feel of your space.

Flooring Remodel: What Choices do I Have?


Flooring Remodel: What Choices do I Have? So, you have decided to remodel the flooring in your home, congratulations! You will find that new flooring adds character and charm to any home, allowing you to enjoy the space once more. If you live in an older home or a home where the flooring has not been changed in quite some time, you are certainly ready for a change. Flooring that is stained, ripped, damaged or has other issues can make your home appear dirty or even lower the value. To ensure your home looks it’s very best and has good value, it is recommended that flooring be changed out and replaced with quality materials.

But which flooring type should you choose? It is important to weigh your options and find the right material for your home as well as budget. To begin, consider what type of flooring was in place to begin with. Did you have carpeting, vinyl or hard wood flooring? Do you want to repeat the same type of flooring that was in the home before or go with something new?

Top Trends

Today’s trends for home flooring are to use the same flooring throughout the space. For most home owners, the most affordable choice is laminate flooring. This flooring type is a manufactured plank flooring that hooks together in a tongue and groove type manner and resembles the look of hardwood floors, but without the price tag. Laminate flooring is quite affordable and can easily be installed by a Los Angeles remodeling company. Your entire home can see new flooring in place within a matter of minutes with a professional installation, allowing you to enjoy the space quickly and for years to come.

Deciding on Flooring Type

To be able to decide on what type of flooring to put in your home, you will need to ask yourself a few questions. What rooms will be getting new flooring? What type of flooring exists in the rooms of your home? Are you looking for something affordable and durable or want to install a more high-end material?

Your budget should also be considered. Let’s consider that you are installing new flooring in the kitchen. This space is perfect for vinyl material, a very cheap option for flooring. Vinyl can be made to look like hardwood flooring and tile and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. By choosing this flooring type, you have a durable material for the home as well as an option that is affordable.

With so many flooring choices to consider, it can be beneficial to work with a professional contractor for the job. You will be able to see sample types of flooring and learn more about how each type of flooring is installed, any warranty information, durability, affordability, etc. By learning more from the professionals, you can make a quality decision as to which type of flooring you will be placing in your home.

Once the installation is complete, you will feel as if you have a brand new home. New flooring gives the home a new life and you may soon be inspired to make even more changes!

Kitchen Remodeling: Where do I Start?


Kitchen Remodeling: Where do I Start? If you are a home owner and considering a kitchen remodel, it can be difficult to know where to start. Should you remodel the entire kitchen at once, work on a few affordable areas or do a little bit at a time? For your first ever remodel, it can be beneficial to work with a Los Angeles remodeling company in order to see what all is involved, an estimate for the job as well as timeline. These factors will vary depending on what you plan on doing to your kitchen. Learn how to get started below.

Tour Your Kitchen

To begin, you need to decide what you want to change. Start by taking a tour of the kitchen. Look around. What do you not like about the space? Is it simply the flooring and paint color? Or perhaps you are not satisfied with the cabinet wood, light fixtures and decorative elements. Whatever the case may be, make a list. Write down what you wish to change so you know what to price out and if you will be in need of a contractor of if you can do the work yourself.


Next, you will need to consider your budget. Do you have a small budget or a nice chunk of change set aside to spend on the remodeling project? You will need to compare pricing on materials and check to see if you have enough to do the entire project or if you should work in stages. In most cases, it is best to do the full remodel at one time. If you do not have enough money in the budget, take time to save and then complete the remodel all at one time. This will save time and money as well as help you to have a completely new kitchen to enjoy.

Choose Your Materials

Once you have decided on what you wish to change in the kitchen and have a budget set, you can work with a contractor to choose materials for your kitchen. Be sure to try and stick to your budget on each section of the remodel of you may have to make changes to the plans or choose different material types such as cabinets or flooring in order to make the budget work.

A contractor will be able to provide you with a variety of materials to choose from when it comes to flooring, cabinets, countertops, light fixtures, etc. You can go the affordable route in every area and upgrade certain items such as countertops and cabinets as you will be using these features the most and they are what gives the kitchen value.

Overall, it is recommended that you work with a contractor when it comes to any kitchen remodel. You want to have someone on your side who can provide you with insight to your project needs and wants as well as has the know-how to complete the remodel on time and on budget. By working with professionals, you can rest easy knowing that your remodeling plans are in good hands.

Benefits and Beauty: Wall mounted fireplaces


Benefits and Beauty: Wall mounted fireplaces wall mounted fireplace

Get all the benefits of a traditional fireplace without having to give up a whole wall or a whole renovation budget. The newest way to get warmth and add a bold statement: wall mounted fireplaces. There is nothing wrong with traditional fireplaces – the smell of fresh burning wood is amazing. But some people don’t have the space or the budget in their home remodel to add a fireplace and chimney. Installing a wood burning fireplace and brick lined chimney and mantel can cost well over tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention a gas fireplace will cost you even more.

Now the solution for homeowners is the wall mounted fireplace. Wall mounted fireplaces can cost as low as $500. They do not require a whole wall or a whole lot of construction work like traditional fireplaces. This leaves so much more room for decorating and adding to your home’s style. You can now give your living room that cozy feeling you have always wanted or turn your bathroom into your own romantic getaway within your means.

Don’t break the bank for a fireplace or give up your dream to have them in your home.

These innovative fireplaces take up little to no space and look sophisticated. They carry so many designs you are bound to love two or three, maybe more. You can opt for a black fronted long and narrow fireplace that can be recessed to fit seamlessly into your wall giving your space a professional look. Or you may decide you want a wall mounted fireplace that protrudes from the wall with thick frosted glass and is more contemporary. No matter what you decide you will enjoy them and not regret this renovation buy.

Turn any room sleek with a wall mounted fireplace!

Wall mounted fireplaces are ventless and can be easily installed in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices, bedrooms – almost anywhere. Reducing energy they come in electric, gel and bio- ethanol fuel powered. They call for only a small hole into the wall behind the fireplace, and are easily mounted in a few hours. You may either DIY for the installation or call on a professional, either way getting your fireplace has never been easier.

No more cutting wood, ash marks on your carpet or the worry of dangerous fumes.

Low maintenance is the correct word for these stylish fireplaces. You won’t have to shovel out coals and clean soot off of walls after every use. With any fireplace there is the concern for children safety, after all it is not called a fire place for no reason. Less safety concerns than traditional fireplace, wall mounted fireplaces can be installed out of children’s reach. You will always have to monitor when using any form of fireplace or equipment that puts off fire, and having a window cracked is recommended. But with wall mounted fireplaces you no longer have fire at the reach of little hands. With all the benefits and beauty of wall mounted fireplaces I see why they are popping up everywhere.

Call Spazio LA today for your remodel needs; let the best take care of your home. We are always glad to help answer any questions and we offer free in home estimates.

Go Green or Go Broke! Eco-Friendly Remodels


Energy Efficient Remodels: Go Green! News headlines today about energy range from home solar panels and homes that generate their own power, homes that are energy independent and recycle rain water for personal use.

You don’t have to go to extreme to be energy efficient, but making changes to your home can help save more energy AND money.

No time is better than during a remodel to make your home energy efficient. The definition of energy efficient is doing more with less power. We aren’t asking you to have a time period where you shut down the lights in your home every day; there will be no walking around with candles bumping into furniture. We are asking you to look deeper and see what other options you have to save energy while living comfortably. Who doesn’t want to see their utility bills cut down by nearly 20-40% every month?

Insulated walls and attic – If your home is not well insulated the rate of heat escaping your house during the winter and entering your home during the summer will be increased. Thus meaning you will be paying more for heating and cooling your house and wasting money. A properly insulated home will stay cooler in the summer and remain warmer during cold months.

Light bulbs- Upgrading traditional light bulbs to LEDs or CFLs light bulbs can save 25-80% energy used and last 25 times longer. If you change out light bulbs not only do you save energy but you will have to replace light bulbs less often.  Changing light bulbs may seem like a minor detail and is often missed when doing home remodeling, but any penny saved counts.

Windows- Ensure your windows are not single glazed and up to par to keep your home the right temperature. Single paned windows should be replaced to cut your air conditioning and heating bill down by 24%. Weather stripping around windows should not be cracked or leaking.

Appliances and Central Air Systems- Having two refrigerators and three deep freezers are a need or a want? If you have any old appliances that you don’t absolutely need or use to its full advantage; recycle them. New energy efficient appliances today are built and designed to save energy without sacrificing style or function. Setting your central air system to a heat and cool point can help regulate room temperature and save energy by turning on only when needed.

Updating furnace- Check the date your furnace was installed. If it was installed before 1992 research shows that it wastes 35% fuel that is uses. Have your furnace inspected for fuel utilization efficiency before you replace it.

Water heater efficiency- Start with checking the water temp setting, it should be turned down to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Who takes a scolding shower anyway? By lowering the temperature on your water heater you aren’t making your water heater work harder for no reason, thus saving energy. Another way to save energy is have your water pipes insulated so that they stay warmer longer in between uses. Professional contractors can install a special pump to work on demand and save water heating energy.

Landscaping- Don’t forget about the outside. To lower the heat radiating into your home from the outdoors have shrubs and plants planted around your house. This adds as shade to your home and also a block to the heat. You can add plants that are low maintenance so that you are saving water also.

There are some simple and then more complex ways to make your home remodel more energy efficient.

Consult with a professional to ensure you are making the most out of your energy use.




Chef Inspired Kitchen Tips


Kitchen remodel tips that will make a chef drool  

You can’t take home the chef but we can sure give you the kitchen. We took a look into the homes of celebrity chef’s kitchens and it just so happens that we know all the tricks to turn your kitchen into a chef’s dream. Spazio LA will give you 3 tips to get that amazing kitchen remodel that is one of a kind and professional chef certified.

1. Don’t lack in creativity or color. Like Ina Garten’s kitchen white cupboards on black countertops, let your imagination take you where you want to go. Don’t be afraid to be bold, or go sleek and modern. No two chefs kitchens are the same, so make yours stand out! Tell your designer your ideas, from small to big ideas. We will work with you and create magnificent designs. Color and lighting Is important in any room, but the kitchen you want to set the right tone. Ina Garten gave us the idea of table lamps in the kitchen instead of above head lights for a warmer ambience. What’s your next big idea?  We can build anything that you can think of, pull out shelves for pots and pans, vertical cupboard dividers for baking dishes, fridge mounted t.v’s,  what every it is Spazio LA is your go to remodel & redesign company.

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2. Every chef must have amazing appliances to cook on. Invest in professional grade appliances such as Viking Range. Viking Range is one of the top ranges amongst chefs to cook on at home. They offer 10 burner stoves and 2 ovens. That’s a whole lot of cooking capacity! You can bake your main course and dessert at the same time without crossing flavors, while you still have 10 burners to use. Another hot item in a chef’s kitchen is the Salamander. I’m sure you have heard about this appliance on the Cooking Channel. The Salamander is designed to cook, grill, reheat and keep food hot while you continue to cook. It’s great when you are cooking for large numbers of guests. You pour your heart into your cooking, never serve cold food again.


3. Have professional waterworks and faucets that WOW. Restaurant styled pullout faucets are becoming the next big thing, for one reason: there is no pot that is too large to be washed. They offer sleek design and are versatile. Wash large objects and fill up huge pasta pots with ease. If you are big on pasta, the water spigot above the stove is a must on your kitchen remodel list. No more lifting a heavy pot to the stove again, fill that bad boy up right on the burner! One design we liked was that of Chef Guy Fiere’s kitchen. Guy has faucets controlled by foot pedals to keep things sterile and germ free. What a great idea! If you are an avid meatball aficionado then you know what it is like to need an easy place to wash your hands.

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No matter if you take anything from today’s chef inspired kitchen tips, remember this: If you can dream it, we can build it.

6 Remodel Must-Haves

1. Satin brass. Say the word Brass and you instantly think of an old musty house with out of date fixtures. Say the word Satin Brass and you think of 2017! Satin Brass is more muted or warm than its brother polished Brass. You can pair any color of the rainbow with Satin or Brushed Brass, and this is one key that interior designers are loving.

garage bathroom


2. Voice-activated assistants.

As the world is more driven to the technology side of life, there is a wave of voice-activated assistants to help out in the house. Amazon launched a device that allows you to ask “Alexa” what the weather is or to play a song from Spotify. 

3. Vanity conversions.

 The hunt is over for a premade vanity that fits your budget and space needed. Vanity conversions and upcycles are taking over. Many homeowners are finding vintage dressers or filing cabinets and remaking them into a custom vanity. This in turn saves money, the environment and creates a one of a kind piece that will never be seen in another home.



4. Greenery.

Pantone’s Color of the Year is a must have green color . Use this bright green as an accent or as a focal point, to refresh or reconnect a space in your remodel. See our blog for Greenery tips. This green is a great back splash color believe it or not. 

maryEllen valley glen kitchen (8)

5. Splurging on laundry rooms.

No longer are we seeing washers and dryers stuck in the garage. Machines that work as hard and as much deserve a luxury space to call their own. Home owners are creating elegant and chic laundry rooms in convenient places. Good Bye are the days of dragging laundry half way through the house. Opt for a custom laundry room to make this chore seem more like a hobby.

6. Outdoor-feeling indoor showers.

Outdoor showers give you the feeling of being at one with nature, but in most places around the country this isn’t doable based on the seasons. Interior designers are changing this, and giving you the same feeling as an outdoor shower, inside your bathroom. To achieve this outdoor feeling, showers are being laid out in front of a large window that looks into a private garden or hillside. You can get special tint for your window if this still freaks you out on the privacy scale.



Sneaky Ways To Make Your Cottage Seem Bigger


Sneaky Ways To Make Your Cottage Seem Bigger Not everyone is blessed with a huge house, nor does everyone want one. When you have only a small amount of square feet to work with, your dreams of a remodel may seem far away. Truth be told, there are sneaky ways to make your cottage or small space seem bigger without major additions.

Open Floor Plan:

The first thing you would want to consider when opting to create the feel of more space, would be an Open Floor Plan. Check if any walls could be removed to create a combination space like this eat in kitchen.

kitchen altadena 3025

In this Cottage remodel we removed a few walls that separated the rooms and made the area smaller, we combined the living space and the kitchen area to open up the floor plan and give the eye more room.

3025 altadena remodel

Decor Matters:

Shoving furniture against the wall doesn’t guarantee a larger room. Try angling your bed or floating the sofa in the living room with a skinny console behind it. Breathing room around your furniture lends the appearance of more space. Buy furniture that fits your space and does not overpower the space. Extra large sofas are comfy, but shouldn't take up your whole room.

altadena full 3025

Color & Light:

When you are limited on space, light is your best friend! Give your small space a light color paint job, stick to pale colors such as white, cream, pale grays and blues to keep it light, airy and open.

If natural light is not a possibility to be added in with new windows or doors, increase lighting with recessed lights or skylights.

Skip the dark-inducing drapes and leave your windows uncovered. This will trick your eyes into thinking that your space has got depth — and reveal the natural landscape outside. If your room requires some privacy, try gauzy sheer white drapes for an airy feel that will keep prying eyes out.

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The truth about Remodel Timelines

Forget what they told you, this is really how long a remodel takes The common misconception is that remodels have to take forever long and always drag on and on after numerous issues. The stuff you read online when you search, “how long does a remodel take?” is downright frightening.   Who would want to remodel their house after horror stories and a super long time line? We are going to break down the remodel myths and get you on the right track to remodel facts.

Let’s talk about remodel issues foremost. It is true what they say about issues, they can pop up at any time, but the key is having a great remodel team like Spazio LA, behind you to solve issues fast or prevent them in most cases. No remodel team can see the future, but there are some that are specialized in the industry and know what signs to look for to prevent failure.

Now let’s talk about how long a remodel takes. A good remodel can take anywhere from 1 month and up – all depending on the size and complexity of the remodel. You can’t give an average time estimate when no two remodels are the same. No two remodels will require the same materials, same design and have the same team running them – therefore there is no average number of days or months that a remodel takes. But, we can talk about our remodel experience and how long it took our experienced team to complete our Spazio LA design projects.

Take a look at a few of our completed projects on YouTube.

Why hire a Los Angeles Contractor for your tile project?


Common Backsplash issues that will make you glad you hired a contractor

Your kitchen backsplash may be just one of the simplest parts or your home. However, you could have so many dilemmas when it comes to the installation and probably with remodeling in the future. When you look at a backsplash area, it seems so simple being a rectangular space on your kitchen wall. When you try to work on it and improve it the way you like, you come to find that it is not that easy to handle the job. Working on any vertical surface can be challenging. You may need to find a contractor for your Los Angeles Kitchen remodel to assist you and take some work off your hands.

Why hire a contractor to work on your backsplash project?

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Here are some common problems about kitchen backsplash that would require help from a professional contractor, and make you thankful that you have some professional help.

1. Timing in placing the backsplash – everything should start with planning, most especially when it comes to the kitchen backsplash. What most people have dilemmas about is when to fix the backsplash. Do you install backsplash before the cabinets go in? Do you do the backsplash last? The say of a professional contractor is needed in this case. The experts will know when to take care of the backsplash, appropriately, to make sure that everything will turn out with the best quality. For example you won’t ruin a new countertop by dropping grout.

2. Right height for backsplash – this is a common problem for most homeowners. They end up doing the backsplash themselves but are not sure about the right height for it. Would it be alright to keep it low or high? Should the height be dependent with the width of the kitchen counter? A contractor will be able to measure the perfect height for it, and make sure that the wall is ready for any height and weight you choose.

3. Tiling process – it could be easy to place the tile on the wall, but which tile should be used for the backsplash purposes? You may need to contact a professional to help you in choosing the right type of tile to use. You can let them do the installation as well for better results. Although you can install the tiles yourself, a professional contractor can do it expertly in a timely manner. Get the best results for your money, after all this is an investment.

4.  Backsplash design – how should a backsplash look like? Is it a must for it to match the tiles with the designs on the kitchen floor? What material should you use? What angle should the backsplash be installed?  Your contractor can answer all these and more questions about back splashes and remodels.   


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A good contractor can help you fix your kitchen backsplash in Los Angeles homes or even your business. If you have any more problems with installation and maintenance of backsplash for your kitchen you could always ask your contractor. Look for the right contractor to help you expertly with your project. Make sure all your kitchen backsplash dilemmas are resolved by hiring a professional contractor


Plaster from the 15th century with 21st century appeal


Plaster from the 15th century with 21st century appeal Just say it, “What the heck is Venetian plaster?” I knew you wanted to ask, because I was thinking the same thing. Venetian plaster is a technique for applying plaster not a type of plaster. Venetian plaster is a technique used to wall, ceilings, raised for curved surfaces to give it heightened stucco like appearance. This method of application was preferred by the craftsman of the 15th century in Venice, Italy, hence its name.

The primary method for applying Venetian plaster to a wall involves using a trowel, putty knife, or spatula to apply the plaster in thin, successive layers that are allowed to individually dry before the next layer is added. The initial layers need to be thinner and smoother than later layers so that the plaster will adhere to the wall effectively over time. As additional layers of Venetian plaster are applied, the objective is not to create a smooth surface, but to work patterns and textures into the plaster that are maintained after it has dried. A final thin layer of Venetian plaster is applied to seal the surface imperfections, and, after this has dried, the surface is usually lightly sanded to polish it and remove any imperfections that could lead to chipping or cracking. The end result is a semi-gloss marbleizing effect where the plaster has subtle color and texture variations that change with lighting and different angles of view.

As you read Venetian plaster takes time and a lot of patience; better to leave it to the professionals. But be careful: Though many companies currently market products claiming to be Venetian Plaster, few really are. Most are simply thick acrylic paints with silicates that mimic marble if applied in thin layers and burnished. Though having a similar appearance and finish to natural plasters, there are some key differences and the finish will not be the same. The great thing about Venetian plaster is the fact that it can be purchased Tinted or you can paint over the plaster.

Venetian plaster adds a classic finish to your home; any room can get the look of Italian elegance. Contact Spazio LA today for a quote on your home remodel or Venetian Plaster project.

10 of the Best DIY Projects for under $50


10 Best DIY projects for under $50 There is nothing better than great DIY projects for the house. Here are a few of the best DIY projects for under $50.

1. DIY Macramé Curtain.  This easy curtain can be made with under $50 material and only a few hours’ time. This is perfect for sprucing up a closet that may be lacking a door, or a groovy entry way into a room.  Check out A Beautiful Mess for full instructions and tips on this Bohemian DIY Home décor.

2. Chevron Lamp Makeover. Got an ugly lamp shade? There is nothing a little tape and paint can’t fix. Take any old lamp shade and add paint for a new updated look. Try using tape as a guide for chevron stripes or design. Coco 29 did a great yellow chevron rendition.

3. DIY Magnetic Knife Board. This space saver is great for those small kitchens that do not have ample counter space. By creating your very own magnetic knife board you get those knifes off the counter, and out of the reach of little hands. DIY Magnetic Knife Boards can be mounted anywhere, high or low, and can be tailored to any décor style.

4. DIY Closet Kit. I don’t know many people whom were born with the ability to keep their closet organized, but this DIY Closet Kit is perfect at helping those, and especially if you have kids. Find socks and underwear in little time, and possible even get rid of your old dresser that is taking up space. I personally love this idea and want one in the kids’ bedroom. Premade closet kits can cost you anywhere from $200+ dollars, make this one for $50.

5. Concrete DIY Fire Pit. Perfect for those nights where a bon fire just is the right thing to do. The DIY Concrete Fire Pit can be made in only a few hours, and is ready to use when you are. Its sleek look will have every one asking where they can purchase one for themselves.

6. Farmhouse Coffee Table DIY. Caution this table requires some pretty awesome power tools! It’s cool what a few scrap pieces of wood and some wheels can do for your living room. You can even skip the wheels if you have young kids that would turn this table into a sled, with or without the wheels it would make a great DIY Coffee Table.

7. Staircase DIY Update. Get rid of the old carpeted staircase and in with the new sleek look. Demo, stain and paint, and you have a whole new house. Ok, you don’t have a whole new house, but you created a grand staircase with little effort.

8. DIY Industrial Tables. Sometimes time is money. In this case this day project may not be for you, but it looks so cool. You can make end tables, or even a coffee table to match. This is for those whom love exposed brick and HVAC ducts, the Industrial lovers table this is.

9. DIY Wine Rack. This is super chic and adds a spark to any décor. The best part of this is DIY Wine Rack project is the fact that it looks expensive. Don’t purchase one from the store, build your own and have something to be proud of in your kitchen.

10. Kids Room DIY Crate Seats. You can find these plastic baskets in most stores, and kids usually use them to stand on anyways. Why not turn them into cute seats for the kids room, heck possibly even the living room. Crates, foam, fabric and wood – there you have DIY Crate Seats.

We love to see your completed DIY remodel projects. Comment with your best DIY to date and pictures.






Size has nothing to do with luxury!


Luxury isn’t just a large home It takes more these days than just a large home, to define the true meaning of luxury.  And Luxury homes are popping up all over the Los Angeles remodel scene. The word luxury brings to mind plenty of conveniences such as, pools, bathrooms with built in towel warmers, in-home gyms that include the newest equipment, backyard tennis courts, game rooms, and fully-stocked kitchens with warming drawers and wine cellars? But what are the items that luxury home buyers want the most?  What is a luxury homebuyer looking for when shopping for their new abode? How can you make your home as luxurious as possible during your next remodel?

Here are the top luxuries people are looking for to ensure you aren’t adding amenities that no one is looking at.

A home theater is great, but luxury home buyers are looking for more than just a room with a large screen and comfy seats. You will need to step it up a notch and get yourself an IMAX home theater if you want to wow the crowd, the luxury crowd that is. Watching Hollywood block busters from the comfort of your home is now possible, with a hefty price tag that is. IMAX will bring the best theater to your door for $3 million dollars and change. If this isn’t something you think you have prepared in your remodel budget, that’s ok, wait a few years and the price may decrease. Until then we can continue to shell out big bucks for the movie theater or wait until it shows up at your local Redbox.

Speaking about technology, the luxury amenity next on our list is a home that is fully managed, monitored and controlled by a smart phone or tablet. Hence the name: “smart home.” Control the temperature, light setting, security system, door and window locks, sound system, t.v’s, and more, with the touch of one button from where ever you are. The digital world is taking over and people want technology improved homes. Think about technology and innovations before you start your next luxury project. Luxury is all about making life easier, better and being able to do things faster. Such luxury means you do not have to open or close your curtains. That’s right; homes are becoming equipped with motorized blackout curtains or shades. Why? Because this is what home owners think will make their life easier. I guess it seems nice to have your curtains set to close or open at a certain time, or pressing a button to close the shades when the afternoon glare is obscuring your t.v show rather than getting up to do it yourself. Have your smart phone control your curtains too while you are at it.

To make your home feel more luxurious, Shelley Little of says ,”Skim through design magazines and look at all the wonderful nooks and crannies that they portray. You will notice that when a room is well-designed, everything has a home and a purpose. There is no clutter in a hotel or well-organized room.” Lastly she notes, “The entryway is the first and last thing that (people) see. Make it one that leaves a lavish impact. “

So you have guessed it, luxury comes with a cost. Keep in mind that these are the top luxury amenities, but there are thousands that are affordable and worth the renovation.