Backsplash meant to catch your eye

Backsplash meant to catch your eye Every square inch of your kitchen should be used to improve the flow and design of your newly remodeled kitchen. Homeowners are no longer ignoring the space between the kitchen counter and the cabinets, and back splashes are no longer only 4 inches tall. Now colorful and eye catching backsplashes are being installed. Backsplashes are reaching new heights and design; even new materials are taking the kitchen remodel by storm. No longer are stone, subway tiles, and stainless steel the only “trend” when it comes to backsplashes.  Tile will remain in the number one spot for 2016 with stone falling shortly behind at number 2. Although the materials used for tiles and backsplashes are ever growing.


If you do want to stick to the older trend, you can buy your subway tiles for cheaper than regular tiles, and natural stone will give your kitchen a durable edge. Though the latest rage in tile is now 3D tile and textured tile. Textured tile can add depth to your kitchen backsplash wall, and create a cool piece of art to look at. If you spend time in the kitchen you will more than likely look at your new backsplash, so make it something worth looking at.


But if you want to liven up your kitchen and install eye catching backsplash, you will need to match your backsplash to your personality. Try mixing it up with White marble and a flashy wallpaper or river rocks. Our Advice: If you want something amazing and fit for your personal style – go with a material that complements your life. Green gurus and ecofriendly homeowners are reaching for the reclaimed wood and antique wood tiles for their kitchen backsplashes. Ever have left over wood from your homes’ flooring? Now you can put it to use by using it as backsplash. But your wood backsplash doesn’t have to match the color of your floors – opt for staining your left over pieces to your taste. Even concrete can be an ecofriendly option for backsplash. Embossed concrete will be seen on kitchen walls – and can be embossed to look like individual tiles – though with less work.

wood backsplash

Small kitchens are happy to get a backsplash made of tile mirrors! These mirrors come in any shape or size and can really reflect the light a small kitchen may be lacking. We first saw them in kitchens of the 80’s – but they are making a strong come back for 2016. The reflective power of a mirror can catch what small light you have in your kitchen and make it appear brighter and larger. Say good bye to dark and dingy – get yourself mirrored backsplash tiles.

As you can see there are so many more options rather than simple subway tile or natural stone for your kitchen backsplash and it doesn’t take much more than a creative idea to get a cool backsplash. Some installations take less work and time than others. If you have questions or need help with a remodel project don’t be afraid to reach out and contact us. 1.877.642.7772 Spazio LA