Now is the best time to remodel and we will tell you why


Now is the best time to remodel and we will tell you why If you are like most homeowners you have had the thought of taking on a remodel project. You may have even asked yourself this question, “when is the best time remodel my home?” Many will argue that the warmer months of spring and summer are best; some will argue that the winter months are best. Every season will have pros and cons. So you can sit there and dream about what your home could possibly, one day over the rainbow, look like; or you can get your remodel kicked into gear and get a new house for the New Year.

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Stop waiting for the perfect season:  Now is the best time to remodel!

1. January is always a great time to start fresh and make new plans for the New Year. While a home remodel can take place anytime of the year, making plans ahead of time can make your project more affordable and easier for everyone involved. Why start a remodel during January and the holidays? Most homeowners don’t want to deal with a remodel or big project around the Holidays, thus leaving the perfect opportunity to take advantage of discounts contractors and designers are offering to book up their slow season. As it turns out, January is also the best month to upgrade your AC during. When the temperature is low, heaters are in demand and leave plenty of AC’s out in the cold. The holiday season also means for tons of sales as everyone is in the season of spending money. Appliances, windows, doors, tile, carpet – you name it, it’s probably on sale during these months.

2. If you are starting a project around this time of year you will have the warmer months to look forward to it being completed – and if you are remodeling to sell your home – you will be ready for the prime home selling season. This could mean you can sell your home faster and for a lot more than you intended. Don’t let your investment sit there on the market, have it ready – start now!

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3. Start now so that you can thank yourself later. We have all had that idea in the back of our head that we sit and think about and never act on. Now is the time to stop thinking about it and actually make it happen. The New Year means resolutions, for most remodeling isn’t on their list, but it should be.

Now is the perfect time for you to pick up the phone and contact us for your free in home estimate. We guarantee to make your remodel pain free, and turn your home into something you never even expected. Your ideas and dreams matter to us, and we can ensure you won’t be disappointed.


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