Chef Inspired Kitchen Tips


Kitchen remodel tips that will make a chef drool  

You can’t take home the chef but we can sure give you the kitchen. We took a look into the homes of celebrity chef’s kitchens and it just so happens that we know all the tricks to turn your kitchen into a chef’s dream. Spazio LA will give you 3 tips to get that amazing kitchen remodel that is one of a kind and professional chef certified.

1. Don’t lack in creativity or color. Like Ina Garten’s kitchen white cupboards on black countertops, let your imagination take you where you want to go. Don’t be afraid to be bold, or go sleek and modern. No two chefs kitchens are the same, so make yours stand out! Tell your designer your ideas, from small to big ideas. We will work with you and create magnificent designs. Color and lighting Is important in any room, but the kitchen you want to set the right tone. Ina Garten gave us the idea of table lamps in the kitchen instead of above head lights for a warmer ambience. What’s your next big idea?  We can build anything that you can think of, pull out shelves for pots and pans, vertical cupboard dividers for baking dishes, fridge mounted t.v’s,  what every it is Spazio LA is your go to remodel & redesign company.

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2. Every chef must have amazing appliances to cook on. Invest in professional grade appliances such as Viking Range. Viking Range is one of the top ranges amongst chefs to cook on at home. They offer 10 burner stoves and 2 ovens. That’s a whole lot of cooking capacity! You can bake your main course and dessert at the same time without crossing flavors, while you still have 10 burners to use. Another hot item in a chef’s kitchen is the Salamander. I’m sure you have heard about this appliance on the Cooking Channel. The Salamander is designed to cook, grill, reheat and keep food hot while you continue to cook. It’s great when you are cooking for large numbers of guests. You pour your heart into your cooking, never serve cold food again.


3. Have professional waterworks and faucets that WOW. Restaurant styled pullout faucets are becoming the next big thing, for one reason: there is no pot that is too large to be washed. They offer sleek design and are versatile. Wash large objects and fill up huge pasta pots with ease. If you are big on pasta, the water spigot above the stove is a must on your kitchen remodel list. No more lifting a heavy pot to the stove again, fill that bad boy up right on the burner! One design we liked was that of Chef Guy Fiere’s kitchen. Guy has faucets controlled by foot pedals to keep things sterile and germ free. What a great idea! If you are an avid meatball aficionado then you know what it is like to need an easy place to wash your hands.

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No matter if you take anything from today’s chef inspired kitchen tips, remember this: If you can dream it, we can build it.