Counter tops good for the environment! #GoGreen


When looking for quality countertops for your home remodel why not choose a material equally beautiful as it is good for the environment? Eco conscious home owners are turning to recycled material for their home projects these days. Some of the most unique and cutting edge countertops are made from recycled material. Ecofriendly design doesn’t have to be boring. Don’t think for one second that you are losing out on style and statement by going green! You can easily find amazing countertops that match your design idea as you can countertops that are not so great. You may want to check out materials before you select your cabinets. And hey, you never know, you may find something better than you expected.

Go bold: go ecofriendly!

You can easily find materials for countertops that are almost 100% recycled or manufactured using less energy, such as wood countertops.

I know, I know, I am talking about being environmentally friendly and then I mention cutting down trees for your countertops. But, there is such a thing as wood countertops made from “sustainably harvested” wood material. This means that manufacturers are aware of when to use a tree and the impact it will have on the whole forest,  versus cutting down a huge field and having devastating effects on the wild life and earth. This also ensures that they used hand saws to remove the trees with no gas powered polluting machines. This helps save wood as one of our natural resources. Look for the SFI or FCS seal of approval before you buy. Wood countertops also cut down on the amount of chemicals being washed down storm drains into the ocean. They only need to be cleaned with soap and water due to the inherent natural properties that protect them against bacteria growth. Plus you will always have a built in cutting board with this solid countertops.

One sleek countertop that should never be used to cut on is stainless steel. Stainless steel countertops are becoming ever more popular for their shiny look and because they are comprised of a large amount of recycled material. Stainless steel is not only durable and non-pourus it is also fully recyclable at the end of its usable life. When you use a recycled material to create a new product it takes less energy as you would use when dealing with raw materials. Saving energy means lowering pollution rates as well.

Other options for ecofriendly materials for countertops are Terrazo and Recycled Glass. Terrazo was originally only seen in Italy, but is making its way into American kitchens with great force. Terrazo is made from recycled materials such as: marble chips, crushed stone, glass, metal and even seashells. It can be made custom and in any color you could imagine. Some even use it as flooring, but that’s another subject. Recycled glass countertops are a great way to green your kitchen also. Not the color green of course, unless that’s what you want! 100% recycled material and one of the best options if you are worried about the environment.