Eco Friendly Upgrades that really make a difference


Eco Friendly Upgrades that really make a difference Remodeling your home can feel great as you get a fresh start and get to fix all the issues that bother you, but then you worry about how much wasted materials there are and the cost of remodeling, and the energy and water waste. Fortunately for you there are ways to remodel to make you planet and your own health better. Well planned Green remodels can save you money every month on utility bills. Green remodels can even be financed with easy payment options and NO credit check.

Let go over the basics so you can get a better idea why green remodels are so important to the environment.

The average household uses 350 gallons of water every day – this goes to you toilet, shower, faucet, laundry, and leaks. That amounts to 127,400 gallons per year for every house.

Water wasted from leaks: 30 gallons – 4,000 gallons per day

Water wasted from older toilets: 18 liters per flush

Here are a few of the most common remodeling projects, along with some specific advice on what you can do to make them eco-friendly.


Remodeling a Kitchen

Kitchens are high on most home remodelers' wish lists. If you're remodeling yours, here are some ideas for making it green:

  • Choose Energy Star rated appliances, which will use less energy and often don't cost more. Check with your utility company, too: you may get a rebate on your purchase. And federal tax credits are sometimes made available, as also described on the Energy Star website.
  • Put in formaldehyde-free cabinetry to avoid releasing environmental toxins. Better yet, go for wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which will be sustainably harvested.
  • Install a beautiful alternative to granite: recycled-content countertops, incorporating glass, paper, cork, or other materials.
  • Get a water filter instead of buying bottled water.
  • Take advantage of natural light with well-placed windows, skylights, or sun tunnels.
  • Keep the refrigerator out of the sunlight and away from the oven, where it gets hot and must work harder.

Remodeling a Bathroom

Bathrooms are another place where remodelers have plenty of opportunity to make wise choices. Eco-friendly ideas include:

  • Replace toilets with low-flow models.

Together we can make a big difference, one house at at time. Go Green