DIY Concrete Countertops

Why would I want Concrete Countertops? Concrete Countertops are Durable

Concrete is extremely hard and resists chipping and scratching. It will last for decades with a minimum amount of basic maintenance. You probably won’t have to replace it until you’re ready for a new look in the kitchen or bathroom decades down the road.

They’re Heat Resistant

If you love to cook, concrete kitchen countertops will prove to be an asset. They stand up to the heat of a cooktop as well as hot pots and pans. Concrete bathroom countertops won’t be harmed by hot hair tools like a styling iron or straightener.

Concrete Counters are Easy to Maintain

You’ll need to reseal your countertops every few years, but it’s a quick and easy job. When properly done, the counters won’t stain or harbor bacteria. They’ll clean up quickly with mild soap and warm water.

They Give an Upscale Look to Your Home

These counters will change your image of concrete. If you haven’t seen many concrete countertops, you owe it to yourself to contact an installer and take a look at their portfolio. What can be done with them is truly amazing, and the results add class and distinction to the kitchen

I have seen some great tutorials on DIY concrete countertops, and I have seen some not so great tutorials. Below are a few of the better DIY Concrete countertop tutorials out there that are fool proof. These countertops look great, and are very durable.

Even though it is DIY, it doesn’t have to look like you did it yourself. Do your homework and watch videos before you try and do this.

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