Exterior design and deck living made lavish

Exterior design and deck living With the way things are in the economy it is no wonder why homeowners are trying to make their homes as comfortable as possible, this is where we spend most of our time outside of work. As homeowners look to enhance their outdoor living space with outdoor amenities like kitchens, fireplaces, furnished living rooms and spas, the deck continues to be a major design factor in new home construction. What better way to enjoy all the same great amenities you have inside your home than by designing a stylish and functional outdoor living space on a customized deck. Exterior design is something that you should not forget about.


Here are some of the latest trends in decks that can help you create an exciting backyard retreat:

The biggest trend in decks right now is increasing the square footage. Homeowners that were once satisfied with a 20 x 10 foot deck for a grill and some patio furniture now want a deck design that rivals their homes square footage. You'll find many larger homes are being designed with a multilevel deck for different functions like an outdoor kitchen or sun deck and spa. Many designs use pergolas and walls to add privacy and lots of built-ins for extra seating, storage and more.

diy pergola backyard

With all the latest products available for outdoor lighting, appliances, fireplaces and pits, homeowners are extending their outdoor living well past the spring and summer. Where temperature is not such an issue, people are designing their decks as an addition to their home, including folding Nana walls. Gone are the tiki torches and candles, today's low-voltage lighting is much more sophisticated and can be wired into the steps and posts of your deck to extend the time you spend outdoors and create ambiance.

A big trend is creating an outdoor kitchen that has all the amenities of its indoor counterparts like a grill or cooktop surface, cabinets, countertops, refrigerators and sinks. Outdoor furniture has taken on a whole new look with tables and chairs being constructed of weather-resistant materials that mimic the look of lavish interior furniture.

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With so many options available, homeowners are literally creating an outdoor home where the deck is the focal point for adding a kitchen, dining room, living room, spa and even an entertainment area. The only limitation with designing your new deck is your imagination and budget.