Interior Decorating made easy: Choosing a Focal Point

Interior Decorating made easy: Choosing a Focal Point There is no Interior Decorator Rule Book that designers have or hand out to the rest of us normal home owners that are looking to get their house decorated like the magazines. If you are like most, you have seen these great images of breath taking home décor and you want to replicate it or get your own style. It becomes too obvious that this is harder to accomplish than we think. You wanted that bold look or something to pop and draw in attention; you want a great Focal Point.

A great designer once said, “Don’t ask everything to have a leading role; it will just result in visual noise.” There are main cast members and supporting roles in every movie, this goes the same way for great designs and interior decorating. You must choose your star and have all of your other décor items there only for support.

Your focal point can be a dramatic hood in the kitchen, a large clawfoot tub in the bathroom, or a piece of art in your main living room. No matter what you choose, you have to understand that this is your main focal point, the star of the show an all the other elements are just there. Have a look at this gallery of Focal Points and gather ideas to take to your Interior Decorator.

focal point bathroom

The focal point in this Victorian inspired bathroom is most certainly the porcelain vanity and large mirror.


Over sized eclectic artwork draws the eye and adds that pop of color creating the focal point of this room.


When you move furniture and decor around it changes the dynamic and focal point of any room, with this custom stone fireplace the focal point remains the same.

coffered ceiling

A focal point does not have to necessarily be decor - your attention is instantly drawn to the coffered ceiling in this design.

focal point

Budget friendly is this hallway focal point to say the least. Interior decor doesn't have to break the bank. If over sized art is out of budget, opt for the DIY photo or mirror collage as your focal point.

Creating a fabulous focal point in any room is a great way to re-energize a space, and creating a focal point can usually be done by anyone.  Creating a focal point is also a great way to take the focus off of the less attractive features of a room. If you have any great ideas to add to this please leave a comment below.