Exterior Design Ideas: How to Update Your Home on a Budget


Exterior Design Ideas: How to Update Your Home on a Budget With simple changes and a little work, the outdoors can become a new area in which you can enjoy the lovely summer season. From fire pits and water fountains to backyard BBQs and landscaping, there are many ways to update your home for outdoor enjoyment. Read on to see how you can update the exterior on a budget.

Fire Pit

One of the most popular ways to add an outdoor feature to the home today is with a fire pit. A fire pit adds character as well as an area where you can relax and unwind at the end of the day. Fire pits can be created with materials such as stones and pavers or already constructed from iron material. Take a look at your backyard and see how you might could integrate a fire pit into your landscaping. Perhaps you have a small space where a paver patio could be created with a fire pit at the center. Consult with a Los Angeles remodeling contractor to find out how you can add a fire pit to your home.


Is the exterior of your home looking a little rough? Is landscaping lacking in appeal or greenery? Sometimes adding a little mulch and greenery to the space will help the exterior of your home looks it’s very best once again. Stand in front of your home and take a look at what could be changed. Sometimes, just cutting back bushes and planting a few flowers makes the front of your home look so much better. Think of small changes you could make that will breathe new life into the first impression of your home.

Adding a Water Feature

Another great way to create a relaxing space within your exterior is to add a water feature. This could be as small as a water fountain or a big as a swimming pool. All will be dependent on how much room you have to make any changes. Add a water fountain the front of your home for curb appeal. Add a swimming pool to the backyard for fun in the summer time along with creating a gathering spot for family and friends.

Adding a swimming pool is not so budget-friendly but a great option if you have the space and the money to do so. Consulting with a Los Angeles remodeling contractor will help you to see just how much such a job would require as well as timeline for completion. Once you see the total cost for such a project, you might find that it is something you can afford and wish to see added to your home.

Overall, you will find there are many ways in which you can update the exterior of the home to meet your backyard needs. Do a little sprucing up on your home or hire the professionals to handle big projects that will completely change the look and feel of your space.