Fall Home Improvement Tips


Fall Home Improvement TipsFall is here! Although in Southern California we are the lucky ones who don’t have to prepare for the snowy winter that is in the near future, we do need to prepare for the weather change of the season. Fall is a great season to work on your house, as the weather is often at its most agreeable once the summer heat has gone. No one wants their eyes stinging with sweat as they work on home improvement projects. The following are 3 fall-friendly home improvement projects for homeowners looking to improve their homes now that the summer sun has set. 1. Roof repair 2. Window Insulation 3. Painting

Roof repair

First and foremost, fall is ideal for roof remodeling because you won’t have to be up on the roof with the summer heat bearing down on you. In addition, fixing up the roof in the fall ensures those winter storms so they won’t find their way into your home via leaks. A leaky roof in winter is hard to fix, as the roof surface can be slippery and rain can stop the progress on work. Addressing leaks in the fall can prevent damage to your home’s interior, which can mount up if a leaky roof is not addressed until the following spring.

Window Insulation

Whether you need your windows replaced or simply need to patch up any leaks, a proactive approach to leaky or older windows in the fall can save you from unnecessarily high heating bills come the winter. Fall is the ideal time to address a home’s windows because the temperature outside tends to be pleasant, and will save you money in the long run.

Painting projects

A fresh coat of paint or a new color scheme around the house can give a home an entirely new look and feel, and at a rather low cost. But paint can be pungent and the aromas may last if it’s applied at a time of year when it can’t dry while the windows are wide open. But interior painting isn’t the only painting project homeowners can tackle in the fall. Fall temperatures tend to be perfect for both interior and exterior painting projects. Be sure to check the weather forecast before making your first brush stroke, you wouldn’t want rain to ruin your work.

Stay tuned for more home improvement and remodeling tips.