Five Tips for a Fresh Look at Home


Spring Has Arrived! Five Tips for a Fresh Look at Home Spring should be a time of rejuvenation. As roadside blossoms spring up and honeybees drift along, it may be time to consider freshening up your home in preparation for the coming year. The cold of winter is behind you, summer ahead, take springtime to liven your life up and bring a rosy blush to the household!


Spring Cleaning


It's hard to beat a classic. With the tough months behind, it's time to clear out the clutter that's been occupying your home for too long. A good old fashioned broom clears out the dust corners, under the rugs and mats, and in those hard to reach crannies. Consider purchasing a Roomba or similar robot to help with the cleaning upkeep. Wipe down any flat tops, counters, or shelves around the house and clear the dust there too.


Don't neglect the windows either! Spring means sunshine, and a dirty window does no good for the natural lighting. A quick spritz and cleaning brightens every room.


Organize Your Home


Once spring cleaning is out of the way, it's time to organize, categorize, and tidy up your house. Stow away your shoes in a compartment closet, find a rack to hold your coats and hats on. Finding a place to store all those pieces of home that tend to clutter brings a great uniformity to the household.


Time For a Remodel


Maybe it's about time your living space had a bit of an overhaul. Your kitchen, your living room, your family room, give them an update for the spring season.


Your living room should take priority. The first room in your house should leave an impression. If your couches and chairs are getting old, replace them with something new. Consider repainting the walls a brighter coat, make sure that there are no missing or dim lights around, and perhaps consider new curtains to frame the natural lighting just right.


Kitchen remodeling comes second only to the living room. It's the heart of the household, where all the food is made, and with a little help from your Los Angeles remodeling contractor it can reflect that home quality. Getting new countertops with less wear and tear brings new freshness to the kitchen. Update some of your appliances for something with a little more shine to them. Use this time to fix leaky pipes, or that sink that wouldn't work right a month ago.


Stylize Your Furniture


One of the best parts of the home remodel, stylizing your new spaces always brings new cheer. Take a second to think about what you like. Perhaps you want brighter rooms, so ensure your furniture reflects that with lighter greens, blues, reds, whatever you like. Some complementary cinnamon browns with reds for a campfire feel resonates a warm welcoming to your home. If using lots of color doesn't suit you, try going all white for your curtains, furniture, carpet, bring an almost angelic feel. Whatever themes suit you best, have your house reflect that in its furniture.




Starting a gardening project is a great way to welcome spring. A mix of outdoor and indoor plants brings nature into your home, with tulips on the windowsill and a variety of flowers growing in your backyard.


There's plenty to be done to remodel, organize, and brighten up your day, and your Los Angeles remodeling contractor will be happy to help with whatever they can. Otherwise, it's time to freshen up for springtime!