Want to Install a Pool? What to Expect During the Process

Want to Install a Pool? What to Expect During the Process  sherman oaks ext1

Pools are a wonderful luxury to have, but the installation process tends to be a bit complicated and time-consuming. However, a little bit of pain is worth the gain, so it helps to be prepared for what will happen while your pool is set up.


Initial Consultation


The first step is a preliminary design meeting with your Los Angeles remodeling contractor to flesh out your pool. This initial meeting meshes out a few things for you to know: how the pool will be constructed, how long it will take, how much it will cost. If you didn't already know, your contractor will be able to tell you what permits you will need to move forward with construction. After a final bid is decided on and a contract is signed, the pool is a go.




Let's be honest, you knew this bit was coming. An in-ground pool is going to require a sizable hole to go into. Be prepared for a little bit of discomfort in the coming weeks as a pit is dug in your backyard. It'll be a bit ugly, it is a construction zone after all, but this part doesn't take as long as you might think.


Plumbing and Electrical


Once excavation is finished, your Los Angeles remodeling contractors will proceed with installing the pool's plumbing and electrical needs. The main line, skimmers, water filters, drainers, and other plumbing fixtures will be run through PVC pipes networked into the ground prior to gunite installation. Any electrical components, like lights or heating controls, will be connected to your service panel.


Steel and Gunite


Steel rebar frames will outline the pool, and will be installed either before, during, or after the plumbing and electrical process. Once everything else is secured and inspected, then your Los Angeles remodeling contractor will move forward with gunite installation. This will be the noisiest day of the whole process, but once it's finished your war zone of a backyard will start to resemble an actual pool. Gunite is the application of concrete for the pool interior, covering up the rebar structure and solidifying the infrastructure. Once gunite application is finished, it will be your job to water down the pool with a hose a couple times a day for the next week or so, curing the concrete.


Tile, Rocks, and Decking


The next step is putting the tile and rocks in place. Tile will form the waterline edge around your pool, should you want it, and rocks will add a natural swimming feel to your design. Whatever you go with will be your taste. Decking, however, is a necessity. After tile and rocks are in place, your Los Angeles remodeling company will send the contractors back to pour the concrete deck around your pool. The deck is for safety and cleanliness purposes.


Plaster and Filling


Finally, the last step. Once the gunite is cured, plaster is applied over it, providing a watertight seal for your pool. Then the pool is filled with water, and once it's full it will be safe to turn on the pool equipment.


There you have it, your finished pool! It takes a bit, will be noisy, and requires some effort on your part, but all of the work is for your Los Angeles remodeling company to provide you with the best possible product.