Indoor Outdoor Room Design

Indoor Outdoor Room Design Having the luxuries of the indoors mixed with the space of the outdoors, this is the key in creating the perfect indoor outdoor room. With the help of lush furniture, great accessories and retractable walls this is one experience that every homeowner can have. A kitchen that open up to your patio, an outdoor kitchen that open up to your living room, a master bedroom private garden - the possibilities are endless. Take a look at the indoor outdoor gallery and gather ideas for your own personal indoor outdoor room experience.

indoor outdoor This brick exterior house is injected with outdoor living rooms tucked between its trio of volumes, extending traditional living into outdoor entertaining areas.

Family-Room-From-Patio-LG This is the perfect indoor outdoor room with perfect amenities like a flat screen tv safe in the transition space and high end furniture and rugs.

dezeen-barak-house-by-pitsou-kedem Double-height glass doors slide back to open up an entire facade of this house to the back yard and pool by architect Pitsou Kedem.

sliding glass door wall to garden

Amazing sliding glass doors allowing you to open up the space, connecting the outdoors with the house in one easy step.

glass walls retractable

The range consists of beautiful, easy to install systems, including options for wall or ceiling mount sliding glass doors with or without fixed panels.


The sliding exterior glass walls also open up the house to the outdoors, extending living locations well beyond its walls.

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