Make your kitchen more efficient


Make your kitchen more efficient 1. If your refrigerator or appliances are more than 10 years old – replace them. We tend to think that old refrigerator would make a great garage “beer” or “wine” fridge, but this is very bad news for your electrical bills. Old refrigerators are taking up 15% of your electrical bill, this number adds up year after year. Update old appliances and your refrigerator with ones that you have a need for, and ones that are energy star approved.

2. Choose the right size appliances. Of course, the bigger the more energy is used. Opt for a standard size fridge or freezer if you are a single home owner or a smaller family. If you don’t need the super-sized appliances, save the energy and get the right size for you.

3. Out with the outdated water fixtures. Older water fixtures like those made Pre-1992, are water hogs. Low flow products work 10times better than that or their older version and save you money.

4. Consider upgrading your water pump to an On-Demand water pump. On-demand water pumps are more efficient, and deliver electrically heated water while waiting for the hot water from the heater to reach the faucet.

5. Eco-Friendly lighting is important to reducing energy. Look for Energy Star lights and fixtures to save 66% energy compared to regular lighting. This choice will save the environment by reducing pollution and greenhouse gasses by energy production at power plants.

6. Arrange your kitchen to utilize work surfaces that have the most window or natural light. Natural sunlight is the highest quality light, and it’s free of charge. Having work areas that take advantage of this day light will save the use of artificial light for the evening, when you really need it.

7. Fume exhaust with variable speeds. This is a great option to allow you to control the energy used when you need to evacuate smells and cooking smoke. Look for the Energy Star label.

8. The newest thing that we are seeing – operable windows and skylights. Save the energy from the exhaust fan and turn the switch to vent your skylight! This is great for natural lighting and ventilation.

9. Don’t forget about your ceiling fan! Having an energy efficient ceiling fan can cut your energy bill, and I bet you never knew it could.  This will also allow for proper circulation of warm or cold air.

10. Out with the old and in with the new. If you don’t use it, don’t need it – get rid of it. Having that ice machine plugged in all the time when you haven’t used it in decades, isn’t really worth it. Make some money off your outdated stuff or donate to the less fortunate.

There are plenty of ways to make your kitchen more efficient, start with this list and get your kitchen in gear for the New Year.