Bathroom Remodeling 101

Bathroom Remodeling 101 The bathroom remodel will be the best remodel investment next to the kitchen. Knowing this ahead of time, you should know your options and wants for this room before starting this project.  From tubs, showers, vanities, lighting and materials for counters and floors: you have much to think about before gutting your old bathroom. Let us take you through some of our recent bathroom remodels from this past year and give you some inspiration.

Your new bathroom doesn’t have to be designed anything like your old one. (Unless that’s what you want) Take our Grand Master bathroom for example: This out dated bathroom didn’t suit our client’s style or need for space. We re-arranged the bathroom to give ample enough space to even add a separate shower. With the right design you can make any space, small or large, functional.



Having a functional counter space in your bathroom is important as well. It’s never been a problem to have too much space, only not enough. His and hers sinks are becoming a standard feature in most bathrooms, but if you are remodeling a guest bathroom- one sink will work just fine. In this featured master bathroom we added a double sink with floating shelves. We even added a custom makeup vanity to utilize that odd space that would have been forgotten. Never underestimate what a new design can do for your bathroom or for any remodel.



Soaking tub and separate shower? Shower & tub combo? Trying to add a shower to a small powder room? The choices are endless, and with new showers today you can get a corner shower to fit in the smallest spaces. I would consider the main use of the bathroom, and decide if you need something extravagant in the guest bathroom, or if you can spend the extra dollar on your master bath. Claw foot tubs and spa jetted tubs are available in many shapes and sizes, and are being argued to save water. Maybe the assumption is that you will take less baths and save more water? We’re not sure, but choosing ecofriendly materials and options is always good for your pocket and the environment.


Materials used in your bathroom should be water and moisture resistant. We can all thank the changing times and mold for getting rid of the carpeted bathrooms. For our following bathroom we chose a material for the floor that we used in the shower and around the tub to give the bathroom a seamless look, but spiced things up with a detailed shower stall and black vanity. We created an extra-long ledge around one side of the tub to act as a bench in the shower.


Small bathroom remodels can be just a grand as a larger master bathroom. Our talented team can design and build your dreams. The following guest bathroom displays a shower stall tiled from floor to ceiling, as well as a pony wall to give the toilet area more privacy, but you could opt instead for an all glass stall minus the wall.



Spazio bathroom remodel