Picking the Right Paint Colors for Your Home


Picking the Right Paint Colors for Your Home  

Color can alter the perception of the space around us. Selecting the right shade of color for your home will create an energetic and fun feel in the place, making it more bearable to reside in. Picking the right color may not always be as straightforward as picking up ripe groceries at the store. Here are some steps you could take that will help you in finding the right color selection when undertaking a home remodeling project:


Sample a small area

When you are still indecisive on what color to go for, you could try your shortlisted colors on a small area in your room, probably the bathroom. You could select your favorite color from a line of items such as dishes, rugs, pieces of furniture, or artwork. This will help you determine, which color strikes you as the most appropriate.


Define the mood in each room

Before opting for a color, ask yourself, “What mood or theme am I going for in this particular space?” A paint color that could work in a kitchen setting will not always work in your bedroom or living room. For your bedroom, you would want a color that simply breathes calm and relaxation to the eye. Similarly, you may want a living room color that energizes guests and family.


For versatile areas like the dining room, you need to determine the tone you want to set. Do you want a color that exhibits a stimulating and sociable demeanor, or do you prefer a quieter, formal one? Warm contrasting colors go well for a social setting while deeper, green and blue colors are good for creating a formal atmosphere.


Remember, once you define the mood, it will lay the groundwork on your desired visual impact of the paint you select.


Lighting influences paint choices

The key reason paint stores offer light boxes is that you can see what the paint chips look like in different lighting. Natural daylight will bring out the true colors, literally. Fluorescent lighting, on the other hand, can cast a light blue tone. Incandescent lighting will bring out warmer tones and yellowy shades.


A stronger color will end up being too much when used next to a picture window, as there will be more light coming through the window. Those brighter colors will look much better on an accent wall instead of as the main color throughout.


Make use of the key elements in your home

There are several elements in your home you should look at before deciding on a color. The flooring, for example, is a great consideration in determining the color scheme since it anchors the room and will have an impact on the color of the walls due to reflections.


You should also consider the color of expensive items in your home, which are not easily replicable. Your house furnishing will play a crucial role in defining the perfect color scheme for a room. It would be ridiculous to discard an expensive dining table simply because it does not integrate well with your color choices. A Los Angeles remodeling contractor may help you decide, which paint colors to use in your home.