Practical Kitchen Remodeling Tips That Make the Space More Functional


Practical Kitchen Remodeling Tips That Make the Space More Functional  

The kitchen is an important space in your house. It is more than just a cooking place with gorgeous cabinets. If you plan to remodel your kitchen, you want to make it spacious, adoring, and functional. A Los Angeles remodeling company may help you spruce up the look and feel of your kitchen while also making it functional and easy to live and work in. You may want to use the below tips when remodeling the kitchen:


Let the walkways be wide

The paths in the kitchen should allow easy movement and reach of appliances, working surfaces, and other items in the room. Having paths that are at least 36 inches in width ensures that you can move from one point to another. In case of the cooking zone, you can have the paths designed to be 42 inches or something close to that for a one-cook space. If the cooking zone needs to accommodate two cooks, then a 48-inch-wide path is more appropriate.


Minimize steps you take in kitchen

When working in the kitchen, you will need easy access of items. So, think about where and how you will use the items. You may want to store breakfast foods and utensils close to the breakfast table. The dishware and flatware should be located near the dishwashing machine to ensure ease of unloading. Again, you can have plastic containers and wraps kept in a suitable spot close to the work surface to make it easy when wrapping leftovers.


Keep the traffic in the right place

There are other people who will occasionally enter the kitchen, for example, children. When designing your kitchen, ensure it is kid-friendly. You may want to keep your cooktop away from traffic areas to prevent kids from catching handles, something that may result in unwanted spills over the surfaces. The refrigerator should also be accessible by those who cook and clean up the dishes as well as by other people.


Make room for landing space

In designing your kitchen, you may want to allow 15 inches of landing space on sides of refrigerator and cooktop. The same may apply for microwave because you need space to use when working with this appliance. This way, you don’t have to make too many steps trying to reach out for items you are using.


Keep away from the corners

You may think that the corners can make an additional storage space in your kitchen. However, when you plan the design of your kitchen, stay clear of the corners. You should allow sufficient door clearance and swinging. Don’t place appliances on the corners and ensure the doors aren’t banging into one another if they are opened at the same time.


The way you design your kitchen can make or break your experience when working in this space. Using the above kitchen design tips can make your space functional and minimize the amount of time and effort you make when working in the area. In your next kitchen remodeling project, you can incorporate these tips to make sure you and your family enjoy working in the kitchen.