Plaster from the 15th century with 21st century appeal


Plaster from the 15th century with 21st century appeal Just say it, “What the heck is Venetian plaster?” I knew you wanted to ask, because I was thinking the same thing. Venetian plaster is a technique for applying plaster not a type of plaster. Venetian plaster is a technique used to wall, ceilings, raised for curved surfaces to give it heightened stucco like appearance. This method of application was preferred by the craftsman of the 15th century in Venice, Italy, hence its name.

The primary method for applying Venetian plaster to a wall involves using a trowel, putty knife, or spatula to apply the plaster in thin, successive layers that are allowed to individually dry before the next layer is added. The initial layers need to be thinner and smoother than later layers so that the plaster will adhere to the wall effectively over time. As additional layers of Venetian plaster are applied, the objective is not to create a smooth surface, but to work patterns and textures into the plaster that are maintained after it has dried. A final thin layer of Venetian plaster is applied to seal the surface imperfections, and, after this has dried, the surface is usually lightly sanded to polish it and remove any imperfections that could lead to chipping or cracking. The end result is a semi-gloss marbleizing effect where the plaster has subtle color and texture variations that change with lighting and different angles of view.

As you read Venetian plaster takes time and a lot of patience; better to leave it to the professionals. But be careful: Though many companies currently market products claiming to be Venetian Plaster, few really are. Most are simply thick acrylic paints with silicates that mimic marble if applied in thin layers and burnished. Though having a similar appearance and finish to natural plasters, there are some key differences and the finish will not be the same. The great thing about Venetian plaster is the fact that it can be purchased Tinted or you can paint over the plaster.

Venetian plaster adds a classic finish to your home; any room can get the look of Italian elegance. Contact Spazio LA today for a quote on your home remodel or Venetian Plaster project.