Technology Forward Remodels for 2018


Technology Forward Remodels Smart.

It’s the latest word used to describe the advancements made in modern technology that we use every day. Our smart phones have become an extension of ourselves, containing vital personal and business information. Our cars also contain smart technologies that we use to enhance our driving experience on a day to day basis. Collision prevention systems and blind spot monitoring are just a few of the smart features that add comfort and convenience to modern cars. But what about our homes? Smart home technologies should be at the top of your list when it comes to a home remodel. The added comfort and convenience and the ability to blend in with your interior design make these remodel upgrades a must for your home.

Remote and Wi-Fi Controlled Devices

Ever leave your home and halfway through your drive forget if you closed the garage door? What about the lights? Or the thermostat? When thinking about your home remodel consider adding remote and Wi-Fi controlled smart devices to your lights, thermostat, garage door opener and even your watering system. These smart remodel features can typically be controlled from your smart phone, tablet or anywhere you can log on to the internet.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are a remodel upgrade that can offer you piece of mind and security. Whether or not you choose to link your security cameras to a 911 service, you can monitor your home from your smart phone or any device with internet access. Gone are the days of obnoxious, unsightly cameras; many companies offer tiny cameras or cameras that blend in with your existing home décor.


Adding solar to your home has been one of the biggest trends in the industry. This home remodel addition will cut your electric bills down to practically nothing and add value to your home. There are various programs available that enable you to roll the costs associated with installing solar into your property taxes over a specified span of time. This enables you to reap the benefits of adding solar now without breaking the bank.


Adding speakers and televisions to different areas of your house that blend in with your home décor are an innovative way to add technology during your home remodel. Decorative speakers can be added to both exterior and interior spaces of your home. Advances in televisions include extremely thin designs that are easy to fit into hollowed out spaces creating a seamless look above your indoor or outdoor fireplaces. You can pair your entertainment systems with devices such as Amazon’s Alexa to easily control what you want to see and hear throughout your house with voice commands.

Water Leak & Mold Sensors

The latest smart technology trends can also address issues that occur inside the structure of your home. Installing water leak and mold sensors in your home could potentially save you thousands of dollars in repair costs. These devices can detect leaks while monitoring temperature and humidity changes throughout your house. These systems send the data reports directly to your email or smart phone.

These are just a handful of the smart technologies that you can include into your home remodel. Taking advantage of these modern conveniences will add comfort, safety, and value without clashing with the interior design of your home.