Tips and Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger


Tips and Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger  

If you constantly find yourself battling against space in your bedroom, you clearly need to make some adjustments, as there is no way to physically increase the size of your room. There exist some pretty simple tricks that will not only make your bedroom appear much larger, but will also utilize the very valuable space available and make effective use of every inch of your bedroom. Here are some tips a Los Angeles remodeling company may use to make your bedroom look and feel larger:


Wall mount

Why scatter unnecessary items all over your limited space, when you can strategically arrange them in a nicely structured manner on a wall? Items like lamps, lights and shelving hooks can be wall mounted, leaving floor space to essential, bigger items such as tables and the bed.


Go for lighter colors

Darker colors make the room feel a lot cozier, but they absorb light instead of reflecting it, making the room feel a lot smaller than it already is. Similarly, going for brighter or pale colors makes the room appear light and airy. Your walls may be painted in a manner that incorporates one bright color in different shades. Leave your windows uncovered as this will trick the eye into thinking that the room has more depth.


The mirror effect

Regardless of how creative you may be with your room, it may still appear cramped one way or another. This is where mirrors come in. Mirrors create exemplary illusions. Once you have an arrangement for your room, you could incorporate mirrors on opposite walls such that they face each other. The mirrors will establish a statement, creating an illusion that is very effective as it gives the room a spacious look with its window-like effect.


Shift the focus upwards

A small room will appear much larger provided you adopt shelves and cupboards that run from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. The long vertical lines created by this furniture gives a great illusion of space.


Your furniture should fit the scale

Going for a King-sized bed is wonderful, but a small bedside table to match will give your room a confused demeanor. Opt for more streamlined furniture that are similar in scale, for the uniformity of the room.


Darkened ceilings

Sure, bright colors on walls are a great way to make the room feel larger and airy, but when it comes to the ceiling, you might want to go for a darker color, as this creates depth. Furthermore, adventurous fixtures are more likely to draw your eyes upward. The key here is, anything that can keep the eyes shifting up, is going to make the room seem larger.


Always keep walkways open

Doorways may look like a straight forward place to shift your furniture to, but it may not always work out in your favor.  Moving your furniture to doorways or walkways will disintegrate an otherwise perfect arrangement of the furniture. The bedroom is much more functional and bigger when all the furniture is clear of any paths leading to the bedroom door.