Tips for Picking Your Home's New Paint Colors


Tips for Picking Your New Paint Colors Whether you’re wanting to do a whole bathroom or kitchen remodel or you’re just wanting to freshen up the living room, picking your new paint colors can be quite overwhelming. No longer can you just say you want a blue, green, or even white in your home. There are many different shades of each color. So many shades, in fact, it can seem like you’re overrun with color options.


Having a few tips in hand to help you before you go pick a palette can help you to weed out the shades you really don’t want and assist you in making an informed decision. There’s nothing worse than finding a color you like in the store to get home and find out it’s not what you you thought it was. Here are a few tips for you to use when working with your Los Angeles remodeling contractor to pick out the perfect color palette for you.


Start With Formal Areas

If you’re trying to pick a color that goes through the home, start with the more formal areas of your home. Pick colors for your foyer area or formal living room, and then you can take a shade of that color throughout the rest of your home. For instance, if you have a shade of red in one room, take it down to a deeper burgundy or more earth tone red in another room. It ties them all together but doesn’t have the same color repeating throughout the home.


Pick a Color From Your Accents

If you have patterned upholstery on your furniture or a bright beautifully patterned rug, pick one of the shades in that piece to paint the walls. By working with colors in your home on accent pieces, you can easily blend the room seamlessly.


Use the Color Wheel as Your Friend

Colors that flow well together are beside each other on a color wheel. Take a look at the wheel to see what shades go well and use those together in the areas of your home. For instance, blues and greens are next to each other and you can easily figure out what shade of each you want to utilize.


Take a Look in Your Closet

If you think about it, the clothes you purchase are generally in colors that you love. Why not take those colors and use them in your home? Take a look inside your closet to get color ideas and use them to spread colorful accents around your residence.


Painting your home can be an exciting adventure. No matter if you’re painting the master bedroom, need new life in the family room, or you want to get a whole new design in your kitchen, picking a color doesn’t have to be that difficult. Use these ideas to help you get started and work alongside your Los Angeles remodeling company to pick the perfect palette for your location. You’re sure to fall in love with your new look!