5 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas You Never Thought Of


5 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas When it comes to bathroom remodeling, the possibilities are endless. A bathroom redone well can provide long term comfort, pleasure and durability in a vital area of your home. One small downside is that it can be difficult to know where to begin. Doing research to determine your preferences and then choosing the right Los Angeles remodeling company can be key to avoid feelings of overwhelm. To further help with that, here are five ideas to consider for your bathroom remodel.


Hide the Toilet

Creating a separate space for the toilet within the bathroom can function as a more discreet take on a necessary fixture. This can be accomplished in several ways, including a half-wall that hides the toilet or a small “room-within-a-room.”


Choose Surfaces that will Last

Bathroom surfaces add a great deal of aesthetic appeal to the space, but are also one of the most “used” areas of the home and should consist of a material that can take lots of abuse over time. Skimping on cost here may lead to replacement too soon down the road, so reserving this area for a bit of splurging is wise. If you choose tile for surfaces, ease the upkeep by using larger sizes to lessen grout lines. Porcelain is tried and true for both durability and visual appeal. Quartz and granite have become popular choices for bathroom countertops, and for sinks, several long lasting options are available, including porcelain, stainless steel, or enamel on steel.


Implement Timeless Trends

A remodel will hopefully last a lifetime, and as we all know, the latest trends don’t. Turning toward a timeless aesthetic will ensure the space’s appeal long after the initial excitement over finishing it fades away. What are some timeless trends for the bathroom? Think white cabinets, large floor tiles, crown molding around the windows and floor base, and simple door styles.


Focus on Lighting and Ventilation

Lighting performs several functions in the space: setting the mood, ensuring safety in wet areas and illuminating faces at the vanity. A combination of overhead and vertical fixtures such as wall sconces will provide the layers of lighting suitable for the bathroom. Proper ventilation is necessary to prevent mold and mildew, which can cause health problems as well as damage to finished surfaces. A ceiling fan is the best way to ensure ventilation, but well-placed windows can go a long way in providing both natural lighting and fresh air flow.


Put a Closet in the Bathroom

Or, any type of storage space that can hold essentials such as towels and toiletries. The convenience of being able to get what you need without having to run to the hall linen closet shouldn’t be underestimated. A stand alone storage space isn’t necessary, either - discussing options with your Los Angeles remodeling contractor can bring forth other creative ideas.


When going into a remodel, knowing what you want your space to ultimately feel like will help you stay focused on the outcome. Keep in touch with the professionals involved throughout the process to determine what will work best for you, in your home.