Your backyard design style finder made simple

Your backyard design style finder made simple This is California after all; we have the best weather around but like many you need to make the most of our outdoor spaces. You may cringe if I tell you describe the current state of your home’s exterior, so I will ask you to tell me what you dream for it to look like. Are you dreaming of a picture perfect pool alongside a massive outdoor kitchen, a Zen garden and water fountain to meditate in or lush paradise that reminds you of your favorite vacation? Small or large outdoor spaces can be made simple. Tip, tricks and inspiration to help you figure out what your backyard style is:

Design style: Modern with a chef flare

This large poolside, covered patio boasts a builtin BBQ and cooking area. This is a great way to spruce up your exterior and entertain in comfort. Modern concept of outdoor kitchen designs features almost everything that a regular kitchen has, but in a compact manner.Taking ideas from holiday resorts, an outdoor kitchen concept for homes may also accommodate a bar and a classy fireplace. To talk about functionality, a complete outdoor kitchen can be equipped with pergola, BBQ grill, refrigeration and enough storage.


Design style: Kid Friendly and Compact This outdoor space is perfectly arranged to give the adults a space to grill and chat while the kids have a space to call their own. Using multi-levels breaks up a small yard and makes it appear larger with more functionality. small backyard ideas, backyard

Design style: Complementary Modern Using the multi-levels in this great back yard the home owner took one flat lot and created a fun outdoor space to enjoy. The small areas of grass and vegetation make this yard low on the list to keep up with yet add that pop of fresh plants that it needs to feel like a backyard getaway. Living in a tight space? Use tall, and thick plants as a natural screen to give you extra privacy. Small-landscaped-backyard

Design style: Contemporary Clean and cutting edge design does not have to stop inside the door of your home. This yard is almost no maintenance, and includes a great water feature. Do not be afraid to add luxe furniture and pops of art to your patio or outdoor space. small-backyard-designs-patio-ideas-2 modern

If you didn't find your perfect backyard style here today, drop us a comment and tell us what your perfect outdoor space looks like.