Maximize your curb appeal: Updated!

Maximize your curb appeal: Updated! Driving through Los Angeles neighborhoods and any like neighborhoods you will notice houses that can use a little sprucing up. We spend some much time on the inside of our homes that we forget when the outside needs attention. Curb appeal is important no matter if your home is on the market or not. Maybe you have just neglected the outside as you don’t have the time or budget to vamp it up. Exterior design is one of our specialties. Here are our top 1 day & 3 day projects, updated, that range in price, pick the one that best suits your needs and give it a try.

1 day Curb Appeal Projects

    • Dress up your front door – try adding some paint to fancy your entry way. Try a bright color like red to really make a statement.
    • Replace old hardware with new complimentary hardware – For instance replace your house numbers, door locks, mailbox and lighting with new designs.
    • Create symmetry by placing even lights or plants on either side of the door or walkway. The eye will always be drawn to misplaced or uneven objects, give your home the symmetry it needs.
    • Install outdoor lights along the walkway or driveway – you can even purchase solar powered lights to be eco-friendly.
    • Renew planter beds – cutting away the dead plants will help give more life to the plants you have left. Nothing screams uncared for than dead plants and yards lacking maintenance.
    • Replace gutters and downpours – At least check to make sure your existing ones are still attached to the house.
    • Build window boxes! The flowers will give your home a flash of fresh color and a pop your window needs.
    • flower boxes
    • Create a walkway to your front door, if you don’t have one already. Use materials for under $50, like using stone forms and pouring concrete.
    • faux path exterior
    • Wash your house – yes pressure wash your home and you may get the same result as you would if you repainted. Most homes can be pressure washed, but check your exterior to determine if this is right for you.
    • Give your garage doors a fresh coat of paint. Garage doors get neglected over time, freshen them up to give them a facelift they deserve.


  • This may sound silly – but mow your lawn. Simple lawn care goes a long way when dealing with curb appeal and exterior design.
  • Add patio furniture to your exterior for a fast look within minutes.
  • patio furniture


There are many more projects that will take less than a day to complete and will really add that extra oomph your home needs.

3 day Curb Appeal Projects

These few projects will take more than a day to complete and may require some professional help, though they will be more than enjoyable in the end.

  •  Renew paint, siding, and trim – Give your house a facelift with a new paint job. Dated and fading exterior paint may be holding your house back from rocking the appealing side. Look into paint colors that will accentuate your home. Choosing a color that is really loud may not be such a great idea either.
  • Add shutters or accent trim – it’s the little details that really show you care. Exterior shutters can be hung and painted to accent your homes color and charm.
  • Dress up the driveway – a new drive way is worth a thousand words. Make the drive way the grand entrance with new concrete or stone. Even adding lighted columns at the bottom of the driveway can make your house a big deal on the block.
  • driveway
  • Add a porch or portico – Creating more for the eye to look out is very beneficial. Not only will this added feature be something nice to look at, you and your family can benefit from it as well. Try adding a pergola to an existing porch or adding a portico to your front entry way.
  • Hardscape and water features – The newest craze if showing off your water features in your front yard versus your back yard now. Contact a remodeling and design company to give your front yard a hardscape and possibly a water feature that is top of town.
  • 81-green-mailbox
  • Last but not least – adding stone veneers or slate tiles to the exterior walls can really add the look of luxury and elegance for a low price.

No matter what project or projects you decide to try, never forget that the outside of your home needs as much attention as the inside. For all of your remodel and design needs, you can contact us for your free estimate. 1.877.642.7772