Upcoming Lighting Trends for Your Kitchen

Upcoming Lighting Trends for Your Kitchen Are you considering a kitchen remodel project this year? There are a variety of ideas you can use to help your kitchen look fresh and new without breaking the bank. Take a look at some of the upcoming lighting trend options you can discuss with your Los Angeles remodeling contractor. You can change a variety of things in the kitchen area without getting too expensive and still have a wonderfully fresh new look.

Pendant Chandelier

If you want the look of sophistication and the functionality at the same time, then a chandelier would work perfectly in your kitchen or dining area. You can choose a vintage look such as brushed bronze or you can go for a more elegant look in a formal dining room such as the crystal chandeliers.

Modern Centerpiece Lighting

You can even go for a more modern look with the very stylish centerpiece lighting fixtures. Not only do they light up the room, they also offer a beautiful decoration in the center of your area. There are many different designs and ideas to choose from and your Los Angeles remodeling company can assist you in finding just the right design for your kitchen setting.

Bright Lighting

One thing you want the light in your kitchen area to do is liven up the whole kitchen and make it easy to see what you’re doing. By installing the bright fixtures that offer plenty of light, you’re able to see what is going on in the kitchen without struggling. These fixtures can be placed inside the ceiling, sitting flush with the ceiling, or they can hang from the area offering decoration and lighting. The choice is up to you!

Zone Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to lighting up your kitchen, you may not always need bright lights throughout the whole area. Perhaps you’re trying to work over the stove and you’re wanting light brighter there than the rest of the room. Maybe you’re putting dishes together at your bar area and do not need the entire kitchen to look bright. By having zone lighting you can control what areas are brighter and what areas have less light on during the time you’re using the kitchen.

Feature Lighting

Another great idea is the newer feature lighting in your kitchen. Do you have a unique feature of your kitchen you want highlighted? If so this is a fantastic way to put the spotlight on! Feature lighting can go under the cabinet area and highlight your wet bar or other feature you want to see. It’s a wonderful way to have lighting in a concentrated area as well instead of lighting up the whole kitchen.

When you’re ready to remodel your kitchen, don’t forget to consider the lighting in your area. You can use specialized chandeliers, feature lighting, zone lighting, and so much more. Your options are truly endless and are only restricted by your imagination and the budget you set. Have fun and explore your options today to remodel your kitchen!